Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Brother Leon

With Brother Leon I attempted to follow the technique that I saw on this post on From the Warp.  I can't say that I was entirely successful. 
The article suggests using three washes:  Asurmen Blue, Leviathan Purple, and Gryphonne Sepia.  Well, I don't have any of those washes, so I was forced to make do with the paints I have, that is, watered down Enchanted Blue/Regal Blue, Liche Purple, and Bestial Brown.  My result was a bit heavy handed, and not nearly as subtle.  But it works as a first attempt.

UPDATE:  Well, I got my hands on some Asurmen Blue and Leviathan Purple, and I substituted Ogryn Flesh for the Gryphonne Sepia, and gave it another shot.  Still not perfect, but I think the result is a bit better.

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