Friday, January 29, 2016

The Effectiveness of BookBub Ads

BookBub is the most popular mailing list / advertisement venue for ebooks right now. BookBub sends out a daily email to well over three million subscribers showcasing ebooks that are being offered for a discount. There are many other promotional sites out there that are useful, but they don't have nearly the number of subscribers that BookBub does.

For an independent author, the downsides to BookBub are twofold:  the chances of getting accepted, and the high price of entry.

There are innumerable posts out there already that give advice on how to better your odds of acceptance, including one by BookBub itself, so this post will not address that.

Instead, this post will address the high price of entry, or more specifically, the potential return on investment (ROI) of running a book ad. Depending on the popularity of the genre and the type of promotion involved, a Bookbub ad can cost anywhere from $55 to $2,350. (as of January 2016) As an author I am most interested in submitting to the Fantasy or Action and Adventure genres, where prices range from $260 to $1,450.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

RANGER: Operation Axehammer is Released for Kindle!

My third novel, the first in a new series, is now available on Kindle!

Eager to take the fight to the Germans, hundreds of young American soldiers volunteer to become Rangers, an elite unit modeled after the famed British Commandos. Chuck Hawkins and Alan Patrick are two such men, ready to accept the challenge and show the world that Americans are ready to fight. 

After surviving months of hellish training, Hawkins and Patrick are selected to join a Ranger squad on a covert mission in occupied France. Under orders to avoid contact with the Germans, the plan goes awry when bullets start flying minutes after their landing. Hawkins, Patrick, and the rest of the Rangers are determined to complete their mission, all the while pursued by a ruthless SS officer and his fanatical troops. 

 RANGER: Operation Axehammer is a military action - adventure novel written in the spirit of classic war movies and wartime pulp adventure fiction.

The ebook is available from:

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