Monday, February 11, 2013

Painting M81 Woodland Tutorial

Here is my latest camouflage painting tutorial, and this time we go back to a classic, M81 Woodland Camouflage.  This camouflage was introduced to the US military in, you guessed it, 1981.  Since then it has become one of the most common camouflage patterns in the world. 

M81 Woodland

The first step is to prime the model black.
For most of the camouflage colors I used Vallejo paints that I matched to boonie hat I own in the M81 Woodland pattern.  Fort the basecoat I painted the cloth 872 Chocolate Brown, the boots and gun Chaos Black, the skin Tallarn Flesh, and the body armor 887 Brown Violet.
Next step was irregular, large green blotches across all the cloth, this in 823 Luftwaffe Camouflage Green.

Next were smaller blotches of  988 Khaki:

And finally, small blotches of Chaos Black.  At this stage I also finished up the skin, highlighted the gun with some Adeptus Battlegrey, and highlighted the armor and webgear with 924 Russian Uniform Green.

Finally I put static grass on the base, and gave the guardsman a thorough dusting of the Europe Dust weathering pigment. 
And there you go!


Zzzzzz said...

Your ability to replicate IRL camo patterns is amazing. Don't ever stop !

Dan Eldredge said...

Any requests? I have a few in mind, but I'm curious as to what others would be interested in.

Unknown said...


Solo wargaming-on a budget! said...

Best cammo tutorial ever! Please do others to help the talentless