Monday, December 31, 2007

Battle Report: The Raid on Arcadia Secundus, Part 3

The Necrons continued to pour out of the portal onto Arcadia Secundus. The Eldar mounted an attack force on the Necrons in the hopes of stopping them before they emerged onto Arcadia Secundus in force.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Battle Report: The Ork Waaagh!, Part 3

Reacting to the sudden arrival of the Ork Forces in Aetolia, the Arcadian High Command deployed the 2nd Infantry Regiment and elements of the 6th Armored and 3rd Field Artillery Regiments to meet the threat. The Arcadians were barely able to get into position before the green tide smashed into them.

Scenario: Standard Recon
Imperial Guard Forces: Tyrant 
Ork Forces: Darkwing
The Forces
Imperial Arcadian Forces(1st Platoon, C Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment)Points

Command Platoon with 1 Anti-Tank Squad (11)220

Infantry Platoon with 3 Infantry Squads (35)276

Leman Russ Battle Tank165

Total Points:661

Ork ForcesPoints

Warboss with Bosspole, Shoota (Kustom Job: Shootier and More Dakka), Choppa, Tankbusta Bomz76

Slugga Boyz (10)90

Shoota Boyz (14)112

Slugga Boyz (10)90

Gretchin (20) and 1 Slaver69

Gobsmasha (Custom Vehicle)128

Wartrak with Twin-Linked Big Shoota (2)92

Total Points:662

The Orks mass for the attack
Turn 1
The Orks massed to the left, opposite the Leman Russ, two infantry squads, and the Company HQ. On the Ork right flank was their Gobsmasha supported by a pair of wartraks, which faced off against the Platoon Command Section, one infantry squad, and the anti-tank squad.

At the first sight of the greenskins, the guardsmen backed up to prepare to receive the assault. The Leman Russ and the Heavy Weapons Squad took careful aim and began to destroy the Ork lines before they even started moving. The pair of lascannons picked off an Ork each, while a frag missile from the missile launcher killed four more. Then the Leman Russ' battlecannon barked out, the high explosive shell landing square in the middle of the Ork lines. Blast and shrapnel felled the orks in huge numbers, wiping out an entire mob of ten Slugga Boyz. The Warboss found himself completely drenched in blood, and he hadn't even given the order to advance yet. Just under half of the Ork boyz in the force had been killed in the first barrage.

The Orks charged forward, not needing to hear their leader give the order. The two Wartraks opened fire, drawing first blood in the Orks' thirst for revenge, by killing a pair of guardsmen. The Gobsmasha opened fire with its kannon, but predictably missed its target.

The Orks struggle to get to grips with their enemy, only to be blown apart by heavy fire
Turn 2
The guardsmen advanced on their left flank, while an infantry squad in their center moved into position in the trees. The Company HQ took cover behind some tall rocks. The Heavy Weapons squad fired upon the Wartraks, immobilizing one, while a krak missile then smashed into it, destroying it. The Leman Russ had moved out from behind the rocks, giving it a better line of fire against the attacking Orks, and fired its heavy bolter into the mobs, killing one of the Shoota Boyz. The remaining Wartrak fired at the Platoon Command Section, missing with its twin-linked big shoota. The Shoota Boyz fired at the infantry squad in the woods, but missed with all their shots.

Turn 3
On the left flank the guardsmen advanced again, hoping to bring their special weapons to bear against the surviving Wartrak. The Heavy Weapons Squad opened fire on the Slugga Boyz again, and a lascannon killed a single Slugga Boy. The Infantry Squads opened up with their lasguns, killing three Grots and two Shoota Boyz. The Leman Russ' battlecannon fired again, and again was right on target, messily killing five Shoota Boyz. This proved too much for the surviving Shoota Boyz, who began to fall back.

The Gretchin and the Wartrak both opened fire at the easiest targets, and all failed to hit anything. The Gobsmasha advanced into the open, exposing itself, but turning its front armor to face the Heavy Weapons Squad, and fired its skorcha into the woods, killing three guardsmen.

Turn 4
The Orks advance into the teeth of the imperial firing lines
On the Imperial Guard left flank, the infantry's plasma gun got within range of the Wartrak and fired, but missed, and the command section's meltagun also failed to hit. The Leman Russ' battlecannon fired at the Gretchin who were starting to get close, killing two of them, while lasgun fire from the guardsmen covering the tank killed four more.

The Wartrak on the Ork right flank was now almost surrounded by guardsmen, but it drove towards the command section, big shootas blazing, killing two guardsmen.  The Gobsmasha, having miraculously survived a barrage of fire from the Anti-Tank Squad and a meltagun shot at close range, moved again, and once again fired its skorcha into the woods, and again it killed three guardsmen. The Gretchin on the left flank fired a massed barrage of blasta fire at the guardsmen ahead, killing one of them. The Gretchin then charged the guardsmen, but it was an exercise in futility--the guardsmen killed four of the grots with no loss of their own and sent the rest fleeing.

Turn 5
The guardsmen plasma gun on the left flank immobilized the Wartrak. On the right, the guardsmen opened fire with another volley of lasgun fire, killing seven Gretchin and leaving the slaver as the sole survivor. Both the slaver and the surviving Shoota Boyz mobbed up with the Warboss, who charged forward, desperate to engage the guardsmen. They opened fire at the infantry squad ahead of them, and managed to kill four guardsmen. The Wartrak fired at the command section again, killing the lieutenant.
The Warboss draws some blood
Turn 6
The guardsmen closed around the disabled Wartrak, and a meltagun shot destroyed it. The Leman Russ fired at the Gobsmasha with its Battlecannon, but the shell was unable to pierce the armor of the Ork tank. It didn't matter, however, as a guardsman with a meltagun proceeded to destroy it himself. The guardsmen advanced on the right flank, firing their flamer and lasguns at the last surviving Ork unit--the Warboss and his severely diminished retinue. The barrage killed five boyz, leaving the Warboss wounded and with only four Orks. The Warboss shot one guardsman with his Kustom Shoota, and then charged. In the assault the Orks killedthe remaining five guardsmen in the unit. Unfortunately for the Orks, they were then staring down the barrel of the Leman Russ, and still too far away todo anything about it. Rather than go it alone, the Warboss decided that it was time to fall back...

Monday, December 24, 2007

Battle Report: The Dark Eldar Raids, Part 1

As the Imperial Arcadian Forces moved to meet the Ork threat, an attack came from the most unexpected direction--from a Dark Eldar Raiding Party! The 1st Platoon of B Company, 2nd Infantry, was marching to its positions against the Ork invaders, when the Dark Eldar seemingly came out of nowhere to attack them.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Battle Report: The Ork Waaagh!, Part 2

Reacting to the sudden arrival of the Ork Forces in Aetolia, the Arcadian High Command deployed the 2nd Infantry Regiment and elements of the 6th Armored and 3rd Field Artillery Regiments to meet the threat. The Arcadians were barely able to get into position before the green tide smashed into them.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Battle Report: The Ork Waaagh!, Part 1

After successfully evading the Arcadian forces for weeks, the Eldar stumbled onto a new threat. An Ork Space Hulk crash landed on Arcadia Prime, and an Ork Horde poured out of the wreck and went on a rampage. Before they could react, much of the Eldar forces found themselves surrounded by bloodthirsty Orks. One trapped Eldar force attempted to breakout of the Ork perimeter.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Battle Report: The Raid on Arcadia Secundus, Part 2

A small Eldar scouting force searches the wilderness on Arcadia Secundus for the artifact. They find it, but the artifact is nothing less than a Necron portal, and the Eldar proximity activates it. Necrons begins materializing next to the portal, and the Eldar fight for their survival until a rescue force can extract them.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Battle Report: The Second Battle of Arcadia Prime, Lagrange-5 Sector

After spending several months building ships at a frantic pace at its hidden shipyards located in the Arcadia System's Asteroid Belt, the Arcadian Navy launched a massive attack of the Eldar Forces in orbit about Arcadia Prime. The Arcadian Fleet would hit the Eldar in several places, including their forces located near the Lagrange-5 point of Arcadia Prime.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Battle Report: The Raid on Arcadia Secundus, Part 1

Determining that the Arcadian forces were sufficiently occupied on Arcadia Prime, the Eldar landed a small raiding force on Arcadia Secundus to begin the search for the artifact there.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Battle Report: The Battle of Cyclades, Part 7

As the Eldar forces continued their retreat across the plains of Cyclades, a tank company from the Arcadian 6th Armored Regiment attacked a force of Eldar Falcon Grav-Tanks scouting the Eldar rearguard.