Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Project: Vulture Class Cruiser

Recently I've been playing some Battlefleet Gothic, and after getting a closer look of some of Badelaire's Necron Fleet, I realized that it wouldn't be too hard to scratch build Necron ships. The Necron ships are generally made from simple shapes: mainly crescents and geometrical shapes. Necrons are also light on ship classes (1 Battleship (BB), 1 Cruiser (CA), 1 Light Cruiser (CL), and 2 Escorts), so I thought it would be neat to create a new kind of ship.

The result is the Vulture Class Cruiser. It's made entirely out of various kinds of plasticard and plastic tubing. I started out with a basic shape of two intersecting crescents, and then just started piling on details. Then I filled in some open spaces with green stuff. I debated on how to mount it--either as a "+", or as an "x", and decided that the "x" looked meaner, so I went with that. In any event the ship has no real "top", as I imagine it spinning on its axis as it flies through space. I envision it as a sort of "assassin" ship--it waits patiently until an enemy vessel is distracted by other ships or escorts, then swoops in and opens up with a devastating barrage of its Gauss Particle Whip (lance) battery. Here is the result:

And the same views, painted in standard Necron boltgun metal:

Over all, I'm pleased with the result--from a distance it fits in the rest of the Necron fleet very well. Here it is with some other Necron vessels:

The Vulture first saw action in the battle report in my last post, and it did very well--taking out a Lunar Class Cruiser with a single blast of its Gauss Particle Whip.

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