Friday, January 9, 2009

Battle Report: The Axis Columen Campaign, Part Three

This battle is the third battle in a four battle mini-campaign between the Necrons and the Brazen Claw.

Located in a strategic central location that is also at the nexus of navigable passages through the warp, Axis Columen is known as the “keystone” of the Arcadia Sector. The planet itself remains uncolonized, however its orbit is widely trafficked by both the Imperial Navy and commercial shipping. Upon discovery of a unknown signal emanating from the planet, Imperial Navy scouts were sent to the planet’s surface to investigate, but contact with them was quickly lost. One of the scouts' last recorded transmissions indicated implacable, mechanical beings advancing on them.

Navy Commanders contacted the nearest Space Marine force in the area, a Strike Cruiser of the Brazen Claw. Recognizing the threat, the Brazen Claw responded quickly and decisively.

Battle Three: Stop the Necron Fleet (Battlefleet Gothic)
Now that contact has been initiated, the Brazen Claw and Necron forces are poised to do battle. The Brazen Claw must seize ground in order prepare for their final strike on the Necron Beacon.

This battle report is presented in a different format from my other battle reports--rather than post it in html format, I opted to make it in Word and then create a PDF. Doing so allows me to be a bit more creative with the format, but doing it was a pain! It also has some downsides, such as while you can zoom in on the PDF, you can't click on the maps to make them larger and easier to read. In any case, I'm not sure if doing it this way is a step forward or backward, so comments are welcome!

Imperial Navy and Brazen Claw (1835pts) vs. Necrons (2450pts)

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