Saturday, December 20, 2008

Go Guard!

Using some extra Imperial Guard miniatures lying around, I decided to convert some of them to give a representation of some of the varied Imperial Guard regiments of the Arcadia Sector.

Anacostian Light Infantry
The Anacostian Light Infantry is renowned throughout the sector for their stealth and their ability to show up quickly, anywhere, anytime.
1st Arcadian Infantry
The 1st Arcadian Infantry Regiment was heavily engaged during the Cyclades Campaign, repelling an invasion of Yriel-Dyann Eldar. The Regiment lost nearly half of its number during the campaign, but largely due to the regiment’s efforts, the Eldar invasion was successfully repulsed. Since Cyclades the regiment has fought against other xeno forces, including Tyranids and Orks.
4th Arcadian Infantry
The 4th Arcadian Infantry suffered horrific casualties in their first battles against the Necrons, but since those initial defeats, their experience fighting them has begun to show through.
5th Arcadian Infantry (Mechanized)
The 5th Arcadian is renowned for innovative tactics, and is among the first regiments to make use of combined arms, integrated down to the battalion level.
11th Arcadian Rangers
The 11th Arcadian Rangers were involved during the Assault on Morkandy Beach, where they supported the beach assault by dropping behind enemy lines, disrupting the defenders’ supporting artillery and ambushing reinforcements.
16th Arcadian Infantry
The 16th Arcadian has seen action against Tau forces, but its most famous action was undoubtedly the Assault on Morkandy Beach, where the entire regiment participated in the first assaults on the beach. During the action, the first battalion alone suffered 85% casualties.
2nd Cydonian Infantry (The Nightstalkers)
Cydonia is known for mass producing high technology devices and arms. As such, like most Cydonian regiments, the Nightstalkers are extremely well equipped.
1st Deukalion Infantry
The 1st Deukalion Regiment specializes in close quarters actions, either within cities or at night. As such they tend to be well equipped with powerful, short-ranged weaponry, and specialize in military operations in urban terrain.
Fafnir Infantry (The Ice Wolves)
The Fafnir Ice Wolves specialize in combat in cold weather environments. They are renowned for their skill in setting up ambushes and then disappearing into the wilderness.
Tantalus Desert Fighters
Tantalus is a cold, dry, desolate world with a tenous atmosphere. The Tantalus Desert Fighters are skilled in conquering the environment as much as the enemy. As such they are used to dealing with hostile environments, destroying enemies who are less prepared.

Monday, December 8, 2008

A Blast from the Past

A few days ago I was talking with 73rd on his blog The Unforgiven Angels, and I mentioned the oldest White Dwarf magazine I owned, back when I first got into the hobby in 1987. Well, here's some scans of the first issue I bought, #98, from February 1988.

The next image is an ad for "Chapter Approved", containing all sorts of neat stuff:

And next, of course, is the first incarnation of someone everything is familiar with these days, Marneus Calgar, although back then he was just a cool Imperial Commander...

The issue had an article about the Mentor Legion chapter of Space Marines (now they are known as just the "Mentors"). GW hadn't settled on calling the post-Heresy Space Marines the Adeptus Astartes yet--they were still all the Legiones Astartes.

And finally there is an ad for some generic "Space Pirates", and below, some of the earliest incarnations of the Imperial Guard, then known as "Imperial Army". Back then recruitment was so small they could give each trooper individual names!

Ah, the good ol' days, when miniatures were only made out of lead, and were ridiculously cheap (compared to today's standards). Still, the quality of the miniatures has gone up tremendously. I still have my RTB-01 marines from those days, still fighting in the ranks of my Raven Guard. Hopefully they will be taking to the field in another 20 years, still fighting for the Emperor...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Vacation...what vacation?

So I took the week of Thanksgiving off, but there was no relaxation for me. Last Monday was spent building shelves in my basement, allowing me to store tons of junk that had accumulated there, while the contractors installed a safer, less slippery carpet on my stairs. Tuesday I began the sad task of emptying my erstwhile game room, moving my miniatures from their cases down two floors to the basement, where they will have to languish for the foreseeable future.

Wednesday I began my painting project! Unfortunately, I wasn't painting miniatures:

Yes, my game room has begun its transformation into a future nursery, while my "game room" will for the foreseeable future be the garage (when my car isn't in it). My future daughter has begun the process of irrevocably changing my life. But there are positives: I will be indoctrinating her into wargaming and miniature painting at an early age. :)

So I apologize for the lack of updates for the past two weeks--despite the home repairs/renovations that have been going on, I have managed to work on a few things, so hopefully next week will be a "real" update of what I've been working on.