Friday, July 18, 2008

Raven Guard Army

I was very much attracted to the background of the Raven Guard. They weren't litany spouting fanatics like the Black Templars, and they specialized in special operations type raids, while still being capable of taking the enemy head on if necessary. They encourage initiative and independent thinking in their commanders. (If only I could live up to their example...) Since the Raven Guard are described as having limited resources with respect to heavy equipment, and having access to the older suits of armor (especially Mk 6 Corvus Armor), I thought they were the perfect marines to be represented by my oldest miniatures, including the first plastic space marines ever released, back in 1989 (I think).

This army was most recently featured in the Silex Campaign, a series of four battle reports.

Elements of the Raven Guard 4th Company and supporting units

Captain Shrike, or in my incarnation, Captain Aidenn of the 4th Company

Command Squad with Lightning Claws

Techmarine Passerion


Tactical Squad 1 with transport

Tactical Squad 2

Tactical Squad 3

Tactical Squad 4

Assault Squad 7 (without jump packs)

Assault Squad 8-Alpha

Devastator Squad 9

Devastator Squad 10

Predator Destructor

Land Speeder Typhoon


Army List
Captain Aidenn (counts as Captain Shrike) - 175pts
Aidenn's Wing (counts as Shrike's Wing) - 306pts

Terminator Squad (Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Sgt. with Power Sword) - 230pts
Techmarine - 65pts

Tactical Squad (Plasma Gun, Missile Launcher, Sgt. with Terminator Honors, Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol) with Rhino (Smoke Launchers) - 248pts
Tactical Squad (Flamer, Missile Launcher) - 166pts
Tactical Squad (Flamer, Sgt. with Terminator Honors, Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol) - 181pts
Tactical Squad (Flamer, Missile Launcher) - 166pts
Scout Squad (Heavy Bolter, 6 sniper rifles) - 139pts

Fast Attack
Assault Squad (w/out jump packs, 2 Flamers, Sgt. with Terminator Honors, Power Fist & CCW) - 192pts
Assault Squad (w/jump packs, Sgt. with Terminator Honors, Power Fist & Plasma Pistol) - 150pts
Land Speeder Typhoon (Multimelta) - 85pts

Heavy Support
Devastator Squad (4 Heavy Bolters) - 195pts
Devastator Squad (4 Missile Launchers) - 170pts
Predator Destructor (Sponson Heavy Bolters, pintle Storm Bolter)

Total: 2468 points


Steve said...

Those RT-era space marines look perfect in this army! Wow! I also applaud your dedication to using beaky helmets. I can't imagine Raven Guard looking any other way.

Darkwing said...


the have mind said...

so are their going to be more battle with the Raven Guard in the near futer(i'd love to see them pitted agenst the tyranids)