Monday, August 25, 2008

Blood Angels Captain

This Blood Angels Captain in Artificer Armor was released way back in January 1991 (WD133). They even used him as the prototype for the now famous Captain Tycho. I picked him up way back then (along with the Ultramarines Captain in Artificer Armor and a generic Space Marine Captain with Terminator Honors, who is now serving as a Brazen Claw Captain), but I only got around to painting him recently. I finished him on New Year's Day, 2008. Seeing as the original model was only equipped with a bolter, I converted him to give him a little more close combat "punch" by arming him with a power fist. He'd make a great captain for a Blood Angels army.

Except for one thing... He's illegal in the new Blood Angels Codex. Blood Angels Captains cannot get Artificer Armor (unless you're Dante, Tycho, or Mephiston). What is more crazy is that a Blood Angels Captain can't even get a bolter.

Now for the most part, I like the Blood Angels Codex just fine. But little things like this annoy me.


Badelaire said...

It's especially frustrating because in the new Space Marine codex, Captains can apparently have a bolter, no problem. Apparently BAs are too, erm, aggressive?

Bolters are too standoffish for them, apparently.

Still, great model and paint job as always, DW. I can't wait to crush 'em with my Warboss's PK.

Darkwing said...

"Apparently BAs are too, erm, aggressive?"

Captain Tycho himself apparently isn't, black rage or not, seeing as he's armed with nothing but a combi-meltagun/bolter.

Badelaire said...

He furiously guns down his enemies from a safe distance, unable to charge in due to being busy rapid-firing his bolter, and then pauses a moment to blow up a nearby tank with his melta before continuing to fire away...

I can see it now!