Monday, June 2, 2008

Brazen Claw Army

Here is a gallery of my Brazen Claw army. It has become my "heavy" space marine army, composed of lots of vehicles and other heavy units like terminators and the dreadnought. Taken as a whole the army isn't legal, but I can take a substantial portion of it and mix and match the rest to come up with a legal army easily enough. I will probably add more units in the future, but this is what I have so far.
The entire Brazen Claw Army

Command Squad and Razorback transport

Techmarine and Razorback transport

Terminator Assault Squad

Terminator Squad


Tactical Squad 1

Tactical Squad 2

Assault Squad

Three Vindicators provide the majority of the assault punch.

Predator Annihilator -- This doughty predator already has an Ork Stompa kill under its belt from the Apocalypse Battle Report (note the kill marking on the side of the turret)

Army List
Captain with Frag Grenades, Bolter, Power Fist, Terminator Honors
Command Squad with Meltagun, Frag Grenades, Razorback with twin-linked Heavy Bolter, Apothecary, Company Champion, Company Standard Bearer, Sergeant with Power Fist, Bolter, Terminator Honors - 362pts

Terminator Squad: Chain Fist, Assault Cannon, Cyclone Missile Launcher, Sergeant with Power Weapon - 250pts
Terminator Assault Squad: Lightning Claws x2, Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield x2 - 220pts
Dreadnought: Missile Launcher, Assault Cannon, Smoke Launchers - 118pts
Techmarine: Bolter, Power Weapon, Servo-Harness, Artificer Armor, Gun Servitor w/Heavy Bolter x2, Tech Servitor x2, Razorback with twin-linked lascannon - 280pts

Tactical Squad: Flamer, Missile Launcher, Sergeant w/Bolt Pistol & CCW, Rhino - 229pts
Tactical Squad: Flamer, Missile Launcher, Sergeant w/Bolt Pistol & CCW, Rhino - 229pts

Fast Attack
Assault Squad: Sergeant with Power Fist, Storm Shield, Terminator Honors - 157pts

Heavy Support
Predator Annihilator w/Lascannon Sponson x2 - 145pts
Vindicator x3 - 475pts

Total: 2400pts


jon23516 said...

I like the antennae on the vehicles, what do you use?

Darkwing said...

The antennae are plastic rod, painted black. The rods are plasticard--I got them at a hobby shop--this is the company that makes them:

Badelaire said...

I dare say they look even better in person. And they'll look better still when my Necrons reduce them all to their constituent atoms...

RonSaikowski said...

Just found this post with your army here. Nice job.

It's not too often you find a completed army and then one with the quartered paint scheme on top of that.

I really like the old Terminators too, they bring back the memories.