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COMMAND: Northern Inferno Scenario 5: Beware the Badger Part 2

In Part One of this scenario, the Soviets executed a series of air raids against northern Norway, taking out several radar stations and culminating in the destruction of the airbase (and town) of Bodo with two nuclear weapons. Fortunately, Bodo had maintained several underground hangars that survived the nukes, so the airbase was not completely out of action. This was small consolation to the inhabitants of the town of Bodo, who were obliterated.

In the meantime, the NATO amphibious task force continued to head north in a bid to reinforce Narvik and Bardufoss before northern Norway was completely overrun by Soviet forces.

084649Z The bad news just keeps coming in. Torpedoes in the water! The Victor I has opened fire on the Ark Royal group. The group lights off their sonars and goes to flank speed.

Torpedo in the water!
The torpedoes appear to be aimed at HMS Glamorgan, which goes due west and accelerates to flank speed. The helos move in to prosecute the contact.

The first torpedo misses, spoofed by the towed decoy. The second hits, sinking Glamorgan.

085545Z One of the Ark Royal’s CAP of Phantoms investigates a surface contact, determining it to be a Russian AGI, the SSV Okean. Ark Royal launches a strike to take it out (a Buccaneer with a 1000lb bomb).

HMS Ark Royal
085808Z Another pair of Phantoms investigates another surface contact, and determines that it is another Russian AGI. These guys are everywhere. Another strike is launched, this time, a pair of Harriers from USS Guadalcanal.

090106Z SE of the ruins of Bodo, Radar S-266 detects a pair of Vampires inbound--it is likely that they are cruise missiles launched from a submarine.

090152Z The inbound missile classified as a SS-N-3b Shaddock [P-5D, AGM, 350kT Nuclear]. These guys aren't playing fair at all.

The first nuclear cruise missile detonates

...and the second

090519Z A Buccaneer drops its bombs on the SSV Okean. The bombs apparently do very little damage, so a follow up strike will be necessary.

The Buccaneer bombs the Okean
092321Z One of the P-3C Orions out of Keflavik detects multiple ships heading east, and to their southeast is an unidentified helicopter--I suspect this is one of the Russian fleets.

A P-3C Orion detects a group of ships heading east
094300Z After a long and desperate search for the Victor I-class submarine that sank the Glamorgan, it is finally localized by the 3 Sea Kings. Instantly HMS Galatea launches an Ikara [Mk46 Mod 2] at the contact.

The Galatea launches an Ikara at the submarine contact
The rocket lands and quickly the torpedo hits, damaging K-370, but the sub is still kicking. One of the Sea Kings retracts its dipping sonar and heads over to the location at full speed. Galatea reloads.

HMS Galatea
094530Z Torpedo in the water! K-370 must be firing in hopes of sinking more of the fleet before it is destroyed. HMS Danae is the closest target. A second torpedo is detected. Danae appears to be the target.

Torpedo inbound on the Danae
094854Z The torpedoes close in on the Danae, and Galatea launches another Ikara at the K-470.

Two torpedoes close in on the Danae
095018Z HMS Danae is hit and sunk.

Danae sinks
095051Z A Sea King’s Mk46 impacts the Victor, rendering it dead in the water, but not sinking it. The Sea King drops another, which goes on a search. The second torpedo hits, and the contact is lost.

095807Z A pair of the Ark Royal CAP Phantoms close in on a snooping Tu-95RT Bear D. The third Sparrow shot splashes the Bear.

F-4s close in on the Bear-D

And the Bear is shot down
101732Z Vampire! HMS Sheffield detects a missile. For all I know, there is a Badger strike inbound and I can’t detect it…

Seconds later, the Vampire is determined to be on a course of 99 degrees. That makes it appear to have been launched from the group of ships to the NW, but the target is unknown--we have no assets in that area. Eventually the contact is lost.

The supposed location of the Russian task force is some 260 nm away from Ark Royal, but I only have 2 Buccaneers ready for a strike. It will be just under 4 hours until more aircraft are ready. I’ll have to wait.

113144Z Several P-3Bs are exploring surface contacts.

P-3Cs investigate contacts
124226Z One of the P-3Bs from 333 Sqn is shot down by the Sevastapol when it wanders too close. Still one hour and twenty minutes until the first airstrike will be ready.

In the meantime, the Soviets are certainly preparing their air raids from the Kola peninsula. It's only a matter of time before the skies over Norway are filled with cruise-missile armed Badgers, eager to sink the NATO ships.

Continued in Part Three...

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