Friday, June 20, 2014

DW: Olympian Republic 019: 2186-2189

2186.02.14  Ten Devastation-class Planetary Bombardment Ships are completed at Olympia and Elysion spaceports respectively.  The ten ships form 23rd fleet and immediately depart for Ohozruluvo.

2186.03.03 20th Fleet arrives in the Kappa Aurigae system, and begins the assault on Ydiguip.
2186.04.04 The Shakturi respond to the assault on Ydiguip, and try to build a defensive battery, as well as sending ships to attack.  20th Fleet flees the scene, while Olympian warships warp in to fend on the Shakturi.
Overwhelming Olympian forces arrive.
And as the Shakturi vessels are annihilated, Ydiguip falls under Olympian control.
2186.06.26 Many things happen at once.  The first element of 23rd fleet arrives at Ohozruluvo and begins the planetary bomardment.
The Shakturi invade and conquer the Olympian world of Ozewolfe.
The Shakturi 22nd Fleet arrive at Ohozruluvo to stop the bombardment, and the Olympian 2nd Fleet and the Ancient Guardians in the area move to intercept them.
2186.07.19 The Shakturi ships are driven away from Ohozruluvo, and the 2nd element of 23rd Fleet arrives and adds to the bombardment.

2186.08.12 The Shakturi demand that Olympia return Ydiguip to their control.  Not likely.
2187.01.02 The planetary bombardment of Ohozruluvo has proved to be completely worthless, because the planet has a Planetary Shield, which completely negates any and all bombardments.  The planet will have to be taken the old fashioned way.

Most of the rest of the year is spent fending off sporadic Shakturi attacks, while building up a massive invasion fleet.

2188.06.20 The invasion fleet arrives at Ohozruluvo.  It may not be enough, but time will tell.
Defenses on Ohozruluvo are formidable.  The first invasion may not succeed, and successive waves may be necessary.
The drops begin.
As more troops land, it is clear that the Olympians have the advantage in numbers.
2188.07.10 The drops complete, the battle rages on the surface, while the invasion fleet immediately sets a reverse course to Olympia to load the second wave.

2188.08.20  The battle has lasted two months.  It appears that the Olympian forces have the upper hand, but the Shakturi put up a stiff resistance.
2188.09.20 Three months, and the Shakturi are being ground down.  Victory is all but assured.
2188.10.21 Four months.  The Shakturi send in a few more ships in a desperate last-ditch effort to stop the invasion force.  Nothing doing.  The frigate Yugiri is heavily damaged in the attack, but the Olympians wipe out the Shakturi fleet with no losses.
2188.11.21 Five months.  The Shakturi are on their last legs.  
2188.12.02 Ohozruluvo falls.

2189.01.01 The Shaktur Supremacy is no more.
And the Freedom Alliance is victorious.
Long live the Olympian Way!

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