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DW: Olympian Republic 018: 2185

2185.01.01 As the year opens, it looks like the Ackdarians have lost planets, just like the Enton Coalition.  Either four or five planets are missing from their empire.  This is grave news.  Hopefully they can hold out while the Olympians take the fight to the Shakturi.

2185.01.09 The first elements of 17th Fleet arrive in the Ohozruluvo system.
2185.01.15 The Shakturi defense forces respond immediately, and battle breaks out.
The carrier Invincible comes under attack by the Shakturi capital ship Evil Monarch.
Invincible’s shield’s go down.  
2185.01.18 The Invincible explodes.  Soon after the frigate Triangulum is destroyed.  

Despite heavy barrages from the Olympian phaser lances, it is clear that the Shakturi shields regenerate extremely quickly.  It appears that concentrated fire on their ships is perhaps the only truly viable tactic.
The missile frigate Asakaze is destroyed next.  Then the Katsura.  More and more Olympian ships arrive.
The frigates Triangulum Australe and Usugumo and the cruiser Defender are destroyed.  The carrier Powerful takes a pounding.
As does the battleship Liberty.  
It is clear that the Olympian ships cannot stand toe to toe with their Shakturi equivalents.  The Shakturi vessels are faster, better armed, and have incredibly good defense.  The cruiser Defensor is destroyed, the frigate Yayoi as well, and the Liberty and Powerful both follow.

Without reinforcements arriving, and soon, this will be another disaster.  The destroyer Hesperia dies, and the frigates Enoki and Arare.  

While the battle rages around Ohozruluvo, the Ancient Guardian fleet begins to arrive… around another planet in the system, Ydiguip!  
The Olympians were counting on the Ancient Guardians to support them at Ohozruluvo, yet it seems that the Ancient Guardians are using the Olympian forces as a diversion to cover their own attack against Ydiguip.  They had better know what they are doing…

The carrier Terrible is destroyed, and cruiser CA-42, and the destroyer Sylvia.  In what proves to be a minor victory, Olympian vessels manage to destroy the Shakturi supply ship Looming Resistance.
The frigates Harusame, Shinonome, Yunagi and Shirotaye are destroyed.  Then the carrier Venerable is destroyed.
The frigate Telescopium and cruiser CA-44 are destroyed.  Then the Olympians take out the Surakarta II-class destroyer 007, and then the Kalimanta II-class escort 017.

The frigate Ursa Minor explodes.  Then the cruiser Annihilator, and the destroyer Angelina.  Three more ships, two Olympian, one Shakturi, are destroyed so quickly that it is not immediately clear which ones they were.

The Battle of Kappa Aurigae is divided into four zones.  
To the southwest, frigates and destroyers from 2nd Fleet fight against the Shakturi cruiser Phantom of Kappa Aurigae.  
Olympian vessels(firepower): 7(1042)
Shakturi vessels (firepower): 1(432)
XHuman vessels(firepower): 1(122)
To the southeast, the carriers Glorious and Indomitable try to fend off two Shakturi cruisers, Grand Spectre and Great Warlord, and the destroyer Surakarta 019.  Multiple 2nd Fleet vessels fight to protect Indomitable.
Olympian vessels(firepower): 6(1350)
Shakturi vessels (firepower):  3(1138)
To the northeast, the Shakturi resupply ships Firelance of Kappa Aurigae and Angry Champion are accompanied by the cruisers Wrathful Devastation, Kappa Aurigae Demise, Sovereign of Kappa Aurigae, and their flagship, the Kappa Aurigae Wolf.  The Olympian forces consist of 2nd Fleet’s flagship, the battleship Revenge, the carriers Courageous and Formidable, five cruisers, Boxer, Cavalier, Assaulter, Destructor, and Ravager, the destroyers Polyhymnia, Freia, Urania, Cybele, and Iskenderun 033 (a captured Keskudon vessel), and the frigates Isonami, Hayatori, Yanagi, and Vela.
Olympian vessels(firepower): 18(5223)
Shakturi vessels (firepower): 7(3612)
And finally, to the northwest, the Shakturi captial ship Evil Monarch rampages through the Olympian and XHuman vessels, led by 9th Fleet’s battleship Reprisal, and consisting of 3 cruisers, 7 destroyers, and 7 frigates.
Olympian vessels(firepower): 20(4685)
Shakturi vessels (firepower): 13(5824)
XHuman vessels(firepower): 11(1237)
22nd Fleet is inbound, and perhaps it will turn the tide.  Almost immediately, the frigate Scutum (northwest sector) explodes.

22nd Fleet begins to arrive, as does several Ancient Guardian vessels.  The frigates Isonami, Bootes, and Corona Borealis are destroyed.

In the northeast sector, Kappa Aurigae Demise is destroyed.  Each destroyed Shakturi vessel is a victory.

In the northwest, Kappa Aurigae Courage is destroyed.  Most of 22nd Fleet has arrived in system, and other ships are trickling in.

2185.03.05 Phaser lances fill the sky, and Devastation of Kappa Aurigae is destroyed.
Frigate Sazanami is destroyed, then the destroyer Cybele, and then, the carrier Courageous.  

To the northwest, the Shakturi capital ship Kappa Aurigae Annihilation and the resupply ship Executioner of Kappa Aurigae take a pounding.
To the northeast, the same goes for Firelance of Kappa Aurigae and Angry Champion.  
The cruiser CA-47 is destroyed, and then, Angry Champion is destroyed as well!

Then the capital ship Kappa Aurigae Annihilation is destroyed!  Evil Monarch is the next target.
The resupply ship Executioner of Kappa Aurigae is destroyed, and Evil Monarch’s shields fall.  The Shakturi cruiser Discarded Curse is destroyed, and then Firelance of Kappa Aurigae.  The Olympian frigate Uranami explodes as well, and then CA-37 and the destroyer Freia.  

Despite these continuing losses, the battle has definitely turned in Olympia’s favor.  

Evil Monarch is destroyed.  Another Shakturi destroyer, and then the Shakturi cruiser Grand Spectre.

The Olympian destroyers Leto and Alkmene explode after an attack run on Ohozruluvo space port.  The Sovereign of Kappa Aurigae explodes.  The cruisers Raptor and CA-45 are destroyed, and the destroyers Asia and Panopaea, and the frigate Canis Minor.

As the major Shakturi vessels are destroyed, much of the Olympian fleets target the Ohozruluvo spaceport.
Lancer, CA-42 and Ravager are destroyed, the destroyer Terpsichore, and the frigates Pavo and Kaede, but now the Ohozruluvo Space Port’s shields have fallen.

The carrier Adventurous explodes, as does the cruiser Cavalier and Intruder, and the frigates Akatsuki and Sakura.  But the end is nigh.

The Ohozruluvo Space Port goes down, and while there are Shakturi ships in the area, notably the capital ship Smashing Plague, the battle appears to be won.
The destroyer Euphrosyne is destroyed, and unfortunately, the battleship Revenge.  Then the frigate Tachibana falls, and the cruiser CA-43.

And then...the final Shakturi vessels in the system are destroyed.  A battle that lasted seven full months is now over, and the Kappa Aurigae system is under Olympian control.
Olympian construction ships are sent to the Ohozruluvo system to repair many damaged and immobile vessels.  The Shakturi threat is far from over, but destroying their primary spaceport and dozens of vessels under construction is a major victory.

Total Olympian losses are calculated as
Carriers lost: 6
Battleships lost: 2
Cruisers lost:  15
Destroyers lost:  12
Frigates lost: 27

2185.09.11 The Devastation-class Planetary Bombardment ship is designed and ten are ordered at Olympia and Elysion.  There will be no attempt to invade Ohozruluvo, populated as it is completely by Shakturi.  The planet will be obliterated.  Other planets, such as Ydiguip, with its subjugated XHuman population, will be invaded.

The Shakturi apparently have five colonies now, two in the Kappa Aurigae system, one in the Nu Muscae system, one in the Sigma Cancri system, and one, far away in the Rho Virginis system.  16th Fleet is dispatched to investigate the Rho Virginis system, which is surrounded by other colonies from the Teekan Consortium, the Paratakis Collective, and the Ikkuro Confederacy.
The Shakturi 22nd Fleet is spotted heading towards the Ozewolfe colony in the Omega Ursae Majoris 2 system.  Two battleships, Vanguard and Dreadnought, are under construction there, but it is unlikely that they will be completed before the Shakturi arrive.  There are no ready reinforcements, so it may end up being a sacrifice.

The Shakturi 22nd Fleet arrive at Ozewolfe.  The two Battleships are nearly complete, but without fuel, and shields near 40%.  They put up a fight, however.
Soon after, both ships come fully online, and are ordered to escape the system.
Fortunately, and against all expectations, they manage to escape.

2185.10.26 At Ohozruluvo, the Shakturi capital ship Kappa Aurigae Decree and the cruiser Kappa Aurigae Revolution arrive in orbit, sending the Olympian repair ships fleeting.  Kappa Aurigae Revolution quickly destroys the destroyer Erato, and Kappa Aurigae Decree chases down the carrier Formidable.  Still disorganized from the battles, the Olympian forces in system struggle to respond.
Eventually the Shakturi vessels are destroyed.  The Olympian forces, consisting of ships from 2nd, 9th, 12th, 17th, and 22nd fleets, are all consolidated into a new 2nd Fleet, with the battleship Warspite as flag.

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