Monday, June 16, 2014

DW: Olympian Republic 015: 2170-2174

2170.10.25 Seemingly out of nowhere, a Silvermist appears at the colony Zeta Cancri 1, and devours every living thing on the planet.

5th Fleet, which is in orbit, moves to escape, while 2nd Fleet is ordered to deal with the threat.

EX-07 jumps around the system multiple times to lead the Silvermist on a wild goose chase until 2nd Fleet can arrive take it out.

2171.11.25  Although the Olympian Way has plenty of money and advanced technology, it has not been necessary to make use of it recently.  Rather than construct a new and better Navy, Olympia has send a squadron of construction ships to one of the many debris fields in the galaxy to repair all the vessels.  Each vessel as it is completed is added to the growing 21st Fleet, which will then be sent from pirate base to pirate base to eliminate it.  Fugitives Retreat, owned by the Black Fang Gang, is one of the first to feel the wrath of Olympia.
2172 and most of 2173 pass quietly.  21st Fleet fights more pirates, while the construction ships are busy adding to the fleet.  Another colony from the Naxxilian Empire leaves it and joins the Olympian Way, yet relations with the Naxxilians remain good.

2173.12.07 The colony of Elpoapet, which, incidentally, is deep within Naxxilian territory, suddenly rebels against Olympian rule.  They have only been members of the Olympian Way for seven years, so perhaps they regret their decision.  

Within a few months, however, the rebellion quiets down and Elpoapet is happy once again.

2174.11.15  Explorer EX-01 discovers some ruins...

...and naturally, investigates.

Hmmm... not sure if this is good or bad.  

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