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DW: Olympian Republic 014: 2165-2169

2165.10.16  After 31 years of ruling Olympia through unprecedented prosperity, the Olympian Way’s leader, Dak Undulian, leaves office and a new leader is elected.  Karl Mankara assumes leadership of the Olympian Way.

5th Fleet and 14th Fleet move to reclaim Gorg from the XHumans.  

2165.12.25 Gorg is liberated and joins the Olympian Way once more.  At this time Olympia asks the XHumans if they are willing to have peace, but they wish to continue to fight.

2166.01.01  Since the XHumans want to keep fighting, it is up to Olympia to bring the fight to them.  

19th Fleet sets a course for Etarc, in the Alpha Telescopii System.  It is not the closest of the XHuman worlds, but it is the one most likely to be friendly to the Olympian Way, being populated primarily by Tairoshan.  The closer systems (Sigma Cancri and Phi Volantis) are mainly populated by Gizureans or Keskudons.  

2166.04.01 As 19th and 5th Fleets close on Alpha Telescopii, an XHuman fleet is spotted on a course for Kappa Pyxidis.  2nd Fleet is ordered to intercept.

The first XHuman ships arrive at Kappa Pyxidis, but 2nd Fleet is soon there to save the day.

2nd Fleet does a good job holding off the XHuman Fleet.

19th Fleet harasses the Alpha Telescopii system in preparation for 20th Fleet’s arrival.  

5th Fleet makes its attack run on Etarc under cover of 19th Fleet.

2166.06.09 After an unexpectedly easy invasion, Etarc is liberated.  

The Olympian diplomats prepare another peace proposal to the XHumans, but it turns out that they have seen wisdom.

2166.09.18 It appears that the legendary pirates, the Dark Moon Skyjackers, have built a new base in Shandar territory.  15th Fleet is dispatched to attack the base.

It looks like it will be a tough fight.  The destroyer Virginia is boarded and Pales is in trouble.

Virginia is captured.  

15th Fleet manages to take out the defenses, and 20th Fleet is immediately dispatched to invade the planet.

2166.11.12  This is a surprise... the inhabitants of the moon Elpoapet decide to leave the Naxxilian Empire and join the Olympian Way!

Even stranger, this is a world that is in the Beta Geminorum system, which is the Naxxilian capital!

Relations with the Naxxilians has always been good, and Olympian maintains good a lot of trade with them.  Still, the will of the people cannot be denied.  Olympia welcomes the Elpoapet people to the Way.

2167.04.15 20th Fleet invades Chi Equulei 1 and it is quickly liberated.  Soon after, the inhabitants rename the planet Dark Horse.  

2168.01.01 The rest of 2167 passes quietly.

2168.01.10 Clearly the citizens of the galaxy are liking the Olympian Way...

2168.01.19 16th Fleet moves in to attack the a spaceport owned by the Gamma Ursae Minoris Mining Pirates, and finds a system flooded with troop transports...

And then the troop transports along with a handful of warships...attacks 16th Fleet!

The carrier Valiant is boarded, and subsequently captured.

As soon as Valiant is captured, the rest of the fleet is forced to destroy it.

Occasional warships intervene, and several Olympian ships are damaged, but the Olympian fleet destroys one troop transport after another in massive fusillades of phaser fire.

After wiping out the several dozen troop transports, with one carrier lost, multiple ships damaged, and low on fuel (reactors were running at over 100% for a long time, simply to keep the weapons firing...), 16th Fleet returns to base to refuel.

2169 passes quietly for the Olympian Way.  The rest of the galaxy continues its warmongering, but the Olympian Way passes the year without major incident.

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