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DW: Olympian Republic 012: 2155-2159

2155.01.01  2nd Fleet arrives at Keskuaa to find it devoid of life. Scanners also indicate that Omega Serpentis, which was the Keskudon capital, also appears to be barren.  

The Great Keskudon Group is no friend to the Olympian Way, but these colony losses are concerning.  

EX-12 explores the Psi Lyncis Supply Outpost, and finds several abandoned ships, including a medium spaceport.  They all come under Olympian control.

2155.02.19 Something is gutting the Keskudon empire.

2155.07.03 Olympia receives news that the Caleph Federation has been defeated--that is, completely absorbed/destroyed, by the Gizurean Consciousness.  The Keskudon are not much of a threat anymore.  It appears the the Gizureans are the new menace.

2155.09.22  Found it!  While patrolling the area, 2nd Fleet finds the Silvermist in the Pi Persei system.  It is under attack by the ships from the Ancient Guardians and the Gizureans, a dubious alliance at best.  2nd Fleet immediately moves to assist.

The Silvermist chases Pyxis, which is fast enough to escape, barely.  The rest of the fleet pours volley after volley of Concussion Missiles into it.

The Silvermist picks target after target, but the Olympian ships are (fortunately) just barely too fast for it.

2155.12.24 The Silvermist is defeated!  And without losing a single ship!  Hopefully that is the end of it.

In the meantime, the BCM have controlled a new colony in the Chi Reticuli system, again in Naxxilian territory.  5th Fleet is dispatched to take the planet, covered by 16th Fleet.

2156.01.15  The newly founded Kiadian colony at Gizurea suddenly vanishes.  Sounds like another Silvermist.  2nd Fleet, despite being low on fuel, is ordered to investigate.

Arriving at Gizurea, the Silvermist is spotted.  

Frighteningly, it turns out that there are two Silvermists!

Fortunately 2nd Fleet appears to be up to the task with its fast frigates.

Chi Reticuli managed to defeat the BCMs extensive planetary facilities.

Economy seems to be doing pretty well...

Capricornus is destroyed by the Silvermist.  One of the Silvermists is destroyed, but the fuel situation for 2nd Fleet has become critical.  

Vulpecula is destroyed next, but finally the Silvermist is destroyed.  Whew.  2nd Fleet immediately leaves to refuel.

2156.08.20 Apparently the Caleph Federation has been reborn as the Caleph Dynasty.  Good for them.

The Securan citizens of Nu Monocerotis 1, having just colonized the planet, rename it “New Unicorn.”  

2157.09.24  Every colonizable planet left in the galaxy is swarmed by colony ships from multiple empires.  Others without competition are in the territory claimed by another empire and so are off limits.  So instead, Olympia decides to invade colonies controlled by pirates.  Those are fair game.

Zeta Herculis is taken from pirates and added to the Olympian Way.

2158.01.01  For a while now, Olympian diplomats have suggested that Trade Sanctions be made against the XHuman Nation.  Many other empires have complained, asking Olympia to lift them. Finally, after more than a year, Olympia does so.  Immediately, the XHuman Nation declares a blockade on Reunion, putting a cruiser in orbit.  During their time of trade sanctions, Olympia put up no blockades.

Olympia delivers a warning to the XHumans.  They deny having any warships in Olympian territory.

Then what’s that?

Olympia will wait a short while, then make another warning.  If the XHuman cruiser takes any hostile action or attempts to prevent lawful trade, Olympia will open fire.

2158.01.20 Having completed Armaments Research, Olympia begins construction of the Casidor Weapons Facility.  

2158.01.28  The XHumans are warned again.  Again they deny everything.  

Reunion’s defense fleet attacks, and the cruiser is destroyed.

2158.04.11  Pursuing a pair of Silvermists, 2nd Fleet enters the Pi Persei System and begins to fight them off, unfortunately just as an Olympian Colony Ship is destroyed by the Silvermist.  As the battle continues, the Gizureans colonize another planet in the system, and then demand the Olympians leave!  They have some nerve!  The Fleet commander is of a mind to abandon the attack, and let the Gizureans get eaten... but decides that the Silvermists are a threat that must be eliminated, and so continues the attack.

Andromeda is destroyed, and it takes time, but both Silvermists are destroyed.

2159.09.24 The Casidor Weapons Facility is built on Olympia.  It’s not that Olympia wishes to be seen as particularly warlike, but rather that it was the only wonder within reach that hadn’t already been built!

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