Tuesday, June 10, 2014

DW: Olympian Republic 011: 2150-2154

2150.01.01 After years of not paying enough attention, Olympian government look in on EX-01’s recon mission, which is to monitor the “World Annihilator Project.”  Disconcertingly, I looks nearly completed!

There are three construction ships in the area apparently working on it, and worse, the one currently working is a Keskudon ship!  This cannot be allowed to continue.  It is resolved to send a fleet there to make a show of force in the area.  15th Fleet is dispatched.  

2150.01.16 Horribly, the plague strikes Olympia as feared.  

2150.04.13 14th Fleet arrives in the Mu Sextantis system, ostensibly to investigate remaining Dark Moon Skyjackers located there, but also to scout out the system’s defenses.  As soon as the Fleet arrives, the Keskudon issue a warning to get out.  Not likely.

The pirates arrive swiftly, and the battle is joined.  

One of the pirate cruisers escapes, but the rest of their ships are destroyed.  

2150.06.27 15th Fleet arrives at the World Annihilator Project, to find construction ships from no less than seven different empires.  With so many taking such an interest in this, 15th Fleet decides to hang around.

2150.09.20  14th Fleet leaves the Mu Sextantis system and destroys some idle troop transports belonging to the Burning Claw Marauder pirates, and then begins to return to Reunion to refuel.  It is then that it is discovered that a sizable Keskudon Fleet is on an intercept course.  Apparently killing pirates that are blockading their colonies is a deadly insult to the Keskudon.

The Keskudon 47th Fleet attempts to stop 14th Fleet, but their attack fails as they do not have hyperspace inhibitors to force 14th Fleet to stop.  

2150.11.21 After some apparent “deliberation”, the Keskudon 47th Fleet follows 14th Fleet to Reunion, and their first warship on the scene, a destroyer, immediately opens fire.  Ready for this, Olympia immediately issues its declaration of war, and hostilities begin.  

Olympian Way
Great Keskudon Group
Tax Revenue
Annual GDP
Strategic Value
Military Strength

It is a slaughter.  As each Keskudon ship arrives it is overwhelmed by massive firepower and destroyed.  

Once the attack is brutally defeated, 2nd Fleet and 5th Fleet are ordered to the Mu Sextantis system to take it.

Yes, 15th Fleet technically violated Keskudon territory by entering the Mu Sextantis system, but they did not enter orbit around a colony, but rather an outlying gas giant.  The fleet was then set upon by pirates which were controlling the Mu Sextantis colony, and destroyed them.  Then the fleet left.  One would think most empires would thank Olympia for eliminating the pirates.  Instead the Keskudon attack an Olympian colony without a declaration of war.  

This cannot go unpunished.

The Keskudon started this war...but Olympia will finish it.

2151.01.26 2nd and 5th Fleets arrive at the Mu Sextantis system, and the troop transports split to attack both Keskudon colonies in the system nearly simultaneously.

Mu Sextantis 4 falls first.

The Keskudon have multiple Fleets inbound, but they are not large and Olympian Fleets should be able to handle them.  

Mu Sextantis 1 falls.

The Keskudon Fleets arrive at Mu Sextantis and Reunion, and are defeated easily.

Olympia orders a new fleet of 2 carriers, 4 cruisers, and 8 destroyers built, but due to a horrible logistical error, the ships are build at the Nu Canis Minoris Expanse Supply Depot...far, far from where they were supposed to be built...which is Olympia Space Port.  

2151.08.15  Uh-oh.  As if it could not have gotten worse.  While Olympia’s attention was concentrated on the battles against the Keskudon, apparently someone completed the World Annihilator Project and left with the station, right under the nose of 15th Fleet!  It can only be hoped that the World Annihilator is in the hands of a friendly, and more importantly, wise, empire.

15th Fleet’s Admiral is immediately sacked, along with the Navy Logistician who placed to insane order to build the new 16th Fleet so far from the warzone.  

2152.01.01  The year 2152 starts off relatively quietly, considering that the Great Keskudon Group is at war with the Olympian Way.  Olympia has used the time to build up  fleets to take the fight to the Keskudons.  

The Secura, Omicron Coronae Australis, and Rho Corvi systems are the closest systems to Olympia, but Secura is the only one with a predominatly non-Keskudon population.  It is decided that Secura will be the first target.  

2nd and 5th Fleets are dispatched to the target.

2152.05.30 Disaster.  The Enton Federation, with whom Olympia has a Mutual Defense Pact, declares war on the Napurus Technocracy and asks Olympia to do the same.  Olympia rashly agrees, reasoning that very soon after it can make peace with the Napurus.  

What follows is a diplomatic disaster.  Apparently the Napurus had many allies, and before Olympia even realizes it, it finds itself at war with 20 empires!  Initial attempts to make peace go nowhere.

It is hoped that wiser heads prevail and this will be over quickly with a minimal loss of life.

2nd and 5th Fleets approach Secura.

2nd Fleet begins its attack run on Secura, and soon after, Secura 4 is one with the Olympian Way.

However, while Secura 4 has joined Olympia, Secura 1 has not.  5th Fleet embarks the troops to go get it.

2152.09.26 While this is going on, an idle colony ship colonizes Gamma Leonis 2.

The planet is very, very far from home, and worse, it has a sand slug on it.  The frigate Puppis is dispatched to assist, but it is very far away.  

The galaxy-spanning war has been going on for four months, and fortunately nothing major has occurred, other than opportunistic attacks on Olympian vessels.

While Secura 1 is being invaded, a Keskudon response is spotted.  The Keskudon 50th Strike Force is inbound to Secura.  It consists of two Ramadi-class destroyers, which do not look too scary, but also a capital ship, Starstream of Mu Andromedae, which does look scary.  This will be an interesting fight.

The Keskudon 50th Strike Force jumps in, but 2nd Fleet surrounds it and attacks from standoff range.

Just before the year ends, the Free Securan Utopia and the Great Atuuko Supremacy both ask for an end to hostilities.  Olympia eagerly agrees.

Hoping this might lead to something bigger, Olympian diplomats make the rounds.  The Ackdarian Dominion, Ikkuro Confederacy, Haakonish Guilds, Riktoh Corporation, Wekkarus Commonwealth, Quameno Ascendancy, Caleph Federation, Lemeresh Federation, Zenox Technocracy, Visareen Dominion, Teekan Consortium, Lipid Confederacy, Jintus Empire, Ugnari Corporation, Naxxilian Empire, Ortain Nation, and Napurus Technocracy all agree to end the war...which leaves just the Keskudon.  For the short term, that war will be allowed to continue.

2153.01.01 In the fight against the Starstream of Mu Andromedae and her escorts, the Starstream flees under the barrage of missiles.  The frigate Aries is lost.  One of the Keskudon escorts is destroyed and the other escapes.  

2153.02.07  Puppis arrives at the Gamma Leonis 1 system, and eliminates the Sand Slug, so the new colony there is safe.  The frigate takes up station to protect the colony.

Also, a peace proposal is prepared for the Keskudon, who agree.  The war is over.

The new priority, other than developing new additions to Olympia, is to finally do something about the Burning Claw Marauders.  These pirates have been plaguing Olympia since its beginnings, and while their attacks are almost negligible now, they have a massive base in the Epsilon Aurigae System, Naxxilian empire, close to Phaethon (Phi Tucanae System).  

2153.05.18 Oh no...  While checking in the new colony at Gamma Leonis 2, something terrible is spotted.

This explains why ships have been disappearing in this region, and not only ships, but colonies.  This is horrible.  

Puppis manages to damage the Silvermist slightly, but then is consumed.  Gamma Leonis 2’s fate is uncertain, and unfortunately there are not any ships in the area to assist.  

The Silvermist appears to be leaving, but then turns around and heads back towards the planet.

31 million Securans on the planet are killed.  The attack is witnessed by the small freighter Nu Centauri Aspiration.  The Olympian Way is horrified as it relays their last moments.

The Aspiration flees as the Silvermist begins to pursue it.

2153.12.05 2nd Fleet is dispatched to the Epsilon Aurigae system to do a sweep of Burning Claw Marauder (BCM) warships.  

At almost that same moment, a BCM vessels arrives in the Mu Sextantis system, and then immediately following that...

Coincidence?  Maybe.  But unlikely.  The BCMs need to be taken care of once and for all.

2nd Fleet moves in and destroys a couple of BCM ships on patrol, then decides to attack the space port itself.  

An attempt to capture the space port fails, and so 2nd Fleet decides to just take it out.  

And the BCMs primary base falls.

Two frigates are lost, but in the confusion it is unknown yet which two.  5th Fleets arrives and invades the planet.  Yes, it is in Naxxilian territory, but it is a BCM controlled colony, and will become part of the Olympian Way.

Hmm...once the pirates are eliminated, the colony becomes independent.

Frustratingly, it cannot be colonized because it is in Naxxilian territory!  Nice way to show their gratitude.  

Unwilling to conquer the system, 2nd and 5th Fleets reluctantly leave.

2nd Fleet refuels and repairs, then is tasked to explore the Gamma Leonis system to hunt down the Silvermist.  At this time it is noticed that the Keskuda system, which had belonged to the Keskudons, is no longer occupied.  It is suspected that the Silvermist might be behind this.  2nd Fleet alters course to investigate.


Koloth said...

Really enjoying your write ups. Tempted to pick the game up now that it's available on Steam. How many hours do you take playing this ?

Dan Eldredge said...

It can really be a timesink if you want it to be... But I also take notes and screenshots for the writeups, and that's a timesink all on its own.

The game is extremely flexible--you can have galaxies that are have 2x2 sectors with only a few hundred starts to 15x15 mega-galaxies with 1400 stars. You can control the level of automation of your empire, so you can pick your preferred level of micromanagement. With that kind of flexibility, you can have long or short games.