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DW: Olympian Republic 010: 2145-2149

2145.01.01 The Keskudon War continues.

Olympian Way
Great Keskudon Group
Tax Revenue
Annual GDP
Strategic Value
Military Strength

The year begins with the Navy gearing up to fight some major battles.  8th Fleet arrives at Phi Tucanae 1 to reinforce the stations there, but multiple Keskudon Fleets are converging on the area and stand a good chance of overwhelming it.

It is at this time that the Olympian diplomats indicate that the Keskudon may in fact welcome peace. This is something that the government never expected, as the Keskudon welcome war, but they give the ambassadors the go ahead.  Amazingly, the Keskudon agree!

Many new Olympian ships are under construction, which will strengthen the Navy significantly, but the operating costs of such a large navy is prohibitive.  It is resolved to use them against pirates and perhaps to decommission some of the older ships.

2145.04.20 Some news from the eastern fringes of the galaxy...

It appears that there is one fewer empire in the galaxy than there once was.

The cruiser Bitter Cutlass is retired.  The ship served Olympia well, but now Olympia can make cruisers on its own that are as powerful.

2145.08.04 Some interesting news on the Galactic Newsnet.

Olympia has heard rumors about the Silvermist, and that it is supposedly dangerous.  This story will be monitored.

2145.09.02  There is a pirate-controlled (Gamma Ursa Majoris Mining) colony near to the Phi Tucanae, and the Navy is itching to take them on.  Mission approved.

2145.09.19 In other news it looks like the Free Shandar Paradise want their planet back.

The attack comes to nothing however, as the Shandar have no troops to land.

It is unlikely that the pirates are prepared to handle this.

They aren’t.  The Zeta Ursae Minoris system is liberated and becomes part of the Olympian Way.

2146.01.01 Some of the new citizens of the Olympian Way revel in their freedom from pirates or from the tyranny of the Keskudon, and go about renaming their worlds.

The citizens of Phi Tucanae 1, since their volcanic world is so close to its primary, rename their planet Phaethon.

The Securan inhabitants of Zeta Ursae Minoris 2 imaginatively rename their world to Zumtwo.

All of the frigates in the Olympian Navy, all 27 of them, are organized into 2nd Fleet, and sent on a mission to destroy pirates.  First they destroy a small space port, and then proceed to what is apparently the home base of the Haunted Prowlers.  Other than the system containing a Large Space Port, little is known about it.

2146.06.22 The first part of 2nd Fleet arrives to fine a Large Space Port, called the Eagles Nest, with several escorts nearby, and apparently 70 warships under construction.

The Olympian ships are clearly outmatched.  Mensa is destroyed first, followed by Perseus, Monoceros and Norma.  Ophiuchus is boarded, and Microscopium is destroyed.  Rather than continue the attack and wait for the rest of the fleet to arrive piecemeal, the ships withdraw to rearm and refuel.  

2147.02.10 The Enton Alliance ask Olympia to honor its Mutual Defense Pact against the Paratakis Collective. Since the Paratakis Collective is so far away, it is essentially an agreement in name only, and so Olympia agrees.
2147.07.21 Zumtwo builds a Regional Capital.  Also, contact was recently made with the Dark Moon Skyjackers--Legendary Pirates--in the Mu Sextantis system.  Currently they appear to giving hell to the Keskudons there, so for the time being, Olympia will sit back and watch.  

2147.08.21  Uh-oh.

Olympia has heard rumors about this.   This good news is that the Silvermist is in the middle of the Great Keskudon Group’s territory.  

The bad news is...well, it’s Silvermist.  For now, Olympia will wait and watch.

2147.12.25  2nd Fleet and 14th Fleet arrive at the Haunted Prowlers’ Eagles Nest, hopefully with enough firepower to blow it away.

Initially the battle goes well, with some pirate frigates being taken out early.  

The Olympian carrier Fearless comes under attack by the pirate cruiser Silent Thunder, which exits hypserspace close by.  The Olympian cruisers Thunderer and Warrior, along with the destroyer Eugenia, maneuver to defend the carrier.

Fearless escape into hyperspace, while Silent Thunder takes a pummeling by Thunderer’s, Warrior’s, and Eugenia’s phasers.  The destroyer Doris is boarded and captured by the pirates. Most importantly, however, Eagle’s Nest’s shields fall.  

The Eagle’s Nest is destroyed, and with it, all the ships it was in the process of building.  Silent Thunder escaped, but it was damaged it has no base to return home to now.

Taking out the last bastion of the Haunted Prowlers is a victory to be proud of, even better that it came at the cost of only one ship, the destroyer Doris.  

And the Olympian Way colonizes a new world.

2148.04.25 After winning the Battle of Eagle’s Nest, it is then that the Olympian Navy realizes that the explorer that discovered the Silvermist is missing, and the Silvermist itself is unaccounted for.  Not good.  All systems are put on alert.

2149.01.01 The rest of the year passes relatively quietly.  2nd and 14th Fleets use the time to repair and refuel at Elysion, and then are sent to the Pi Piscis Austrini system, which has been determined to be the secret hideout of the Dark Moon Skyjackers Legendary Pirates.

2149.01.25 14th and 2nd Fleets arrive in the Pi Piscis Austrini (PPA) system, and arrives at a gas giant in the system.  As planned, it lures the defensive warships away from their bases, so that they may be attacked separately.

Several frigates and a destroyer wander in, and are annihilated.  Now the fleets move in to begin the assault on the base.

2149.03.03  The fleets take out one defensive battery quickly, then move on to the space port.

The spaceport unleashes an area weapon...

The cruiser Thunderer is boarded, and the destroyer Hestia is in big trouble.  But the pirate starbase is at 40% shields.  

Thunderer is captured and Hestia destroyed.  The frigate Libra is destroyed soon after.  

Most of the pirate ships are damaged and forced to flee the system.  When that happens, Both fleets converge on the star base and overwhelm it with firepower.  

When the star base is destroyed, valuable research information is discovered.  Excellent.

The pirates manage to capture the frigate Phoenix, but it cannot alter the outcome.  

The Defensive Bases are destroyed and the Dark Moon Skyjackers are scattered and without a home.  It is hoped they never recover.  Their mining ships, a mining base, and a pair of construction ships are abandoned, so ships are dispatched to claim them.  14th and 2nd Fleets are then sent to be repaired and refueled, ready for the next mission.  

2149.11.14 Olympia’s newest colony, Upsilon Capricorni 2, has a disaster.
This colony is in fact extremely close to Olympia itself, so hopefully this will not travel far.  

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