Monday, June 2, 2014

DW: Olympian Republic 005: 2120-2124

2120.01.08 The new year starts off with trouble, as Reunion Space Port comes under a massive pirate attack.  1st Fleet manages to kill one pirate frigate before the Space Port goes down.

Antlia is heavily damaged in the attack.  In response, Olympia Space Port begins construction on four more Antlia-class frigates, and then four more are ordered for good measure.  These pirate attacks cannot be allowed to continue.

More pirate attacks occur, and the Navy leadership discusses plans to take the fight to the pirates, which would require a massive military buildup.  

2120.08.30 Elysion comes under attack by pirates from the Haunted Prowlers.  One of the pirates, Scarlet Zenith, makes short work of Apus.  

Elysion Space Port is only at 44% completion, and therefore cannot help.  The other pirate frigate, Formidable Strike, destroys the space port.

Aquarius has its hands full fending off near constant attacks.

2121.01.01 Reunion completes its new space port, and the 8 frigates in orbit have deterred further pirate attacks.  But enough is enough.  The Navy is determined to end these pirate raids and the Senate agrees.  Eight more frigates are ordered to protect the Elysion system.  Trade negotiations are initiated with multiple alien empires, but it seems that no other empires are willing to buy technology from Olympia, at least for a decent amount of money.  

2121.02.25 Nu Centauri 1 is colonized.  The citizens like the name of the planet, so they decide not to rename it.  

2121.04.30 With Enchanced Construction research, the maximum ship size is increased to 300, allowing the construction of destroyers.  The Ceres-class destroyer is designed, which includes Ion Weapons, a Tractor Beam, and an Assault Pod, but sacrifices missile armament.  It is hoped that this vessel can capture pirate vessels when they attack.  

2121.10.08 EX-01 discovered a Military Testing Zone in the galaxy far from home, and located there is an abandoned cruiser, Bitter Cutlass.  The crew takes it over to discover it is a formidable vessel. It is sent to Reunion, where the Navy will use it as the flagship of the Olympian anti-pirate fleet.

2121.10.13 The Haunted Prowler frigate, Formidable Strike, has been harrassing (and destroying) civilian vessels for a long time now, and suddenly it finds itself facing 3rd Fleet.

Formidable Strike destroys Circinus before escaping.  

2121.10.14 Reunion Space Port is destroyed by sabotage.  This is infuriating.

2121.12.15 The Burning Claw Marauders assault Elysion with four escorts, which are engaged by the seven vessels of the 3rd Fleet.  The pirates manage to board and capture Carina.  

Carina is subsequently destroyed by the rest of 3rd Fleet, but then Centaurus is boarded and captured as well.  The pirates escape.

To say that this is frustrating is something of an understatement.

Money is a severe problem, so all civilian ships are upgraded to take advantage of the latest technologies.

EX-02 discovers the Pozdac Weapons Testing Range, and located there is an abandoned capital ship, Devastator.  It is very far from Olympia, but the discovery of a capital ship is worth it.  The crew also discovers some intriguing information...

2122.07.05  Reunion finds itself under attack by wave after wave of pirates, and 1st Fleet is barely able to fend them off.

3rd Fleet temporarily leaves the Elysion system to investigate the possibility of a pirate base located nearby in the Mu Trianguli system.

And then, as if out of nowhere, the Great Atuuko Surpremacy declares a blockade of the system!

This enrages the Navy, but they can do little.  Agent Tarfan is immediately sent to steal the Atuuko operations map.  

2122.08.07 3rd Fleet discovers that their suspicions were correct, the Mu Trianguli system does have a pirate base.  The fleet sets a course to attack it.  With the Great Atuuko Supremacy blockading Elysion, there is little 3rd Fleet can do--it is heavily outnumbered.  At least during the blockade, few pirates will be able to attack.

In the meantime, Reunion continues to be attacked by pirates.

2122.09.03 3rd Fleet is decimated by the pirate base and forced to retreat.  

And then...the Great Atuuko Supremacy declares war on the Olympian Republic, for no discernable reason, and begins to invade Elysion.  

This is unbelieveable.  Multiple colonies are under constant siege by pirates, the Republic is 11k credits in the red with a negative cash flow, and now the Atuukos delcare war.

Desperate negotiations occur with the friendly Kiadian Federation, who agree to form a Mutual Defense Pact with the Republic.  Time will tell if they aid the Republic by declaring war.

To add insult to injury, the Dhayu Territory initiate Trade Sanctions.  The Republic will not forget this.

The battle lines are being drawn.

At Mu Trianguli 2, Ceres is lost.

The Kiadians declare war on the Atuukos, but only after the Olympian Republic asks them.

Rapid trade negotiations result in an influx of cash as the Republic sells the Free Shandar Paradise Medical Systems, the Tarapin Colonies Storage Systems and the Free Securan Utopia Enhanced Storage.  The money goes straight into building a massive fleet to take on the Great Atuuko Supremacy.

The new Juno-class missile destroyer is designed, and six are ordered, along with 20 Antlia Mk2-class frigates.

Once these are all queued up, it appears the the Atuuko 2nd Fleet, which had been blockading Elysion, has dropped a massive invasion force and is moving first glance it appears they are returning back home.  It looks like Elysion is doomed to fall.

2122.10.12 Elysion falls.

Troop Transports are ordered at Olympia, and troops are recruited to take back the colony.

2122.11.23 The Dhayu Territory end their trade sanctions.  The first good news in a while.

2123.07.14 3rd Fleet, now consisting of 37 ships, is ready to attack and retake Elysion.

2123.07.23 An Atuuko attack fleet is spotted on an attack vector towards the Rho Tauri system.  3rd Fleet is immediately diverted to meet them head on.

2123.10.03 The Atuuko arrive first, but 3rd Fleet is closing in fast.

2123.10.22 The Atuuko arrive at Rho Tauri 1 after destroying Rho Tauri 2 Mining Station.  The lead elements of 3rd Fleet--the advanced ships--arrive first and engage.

Bitter Cutlass and Black Horizon take out a pirate frigate almost immediately.

They quickly destroy another, and then the rest of 3rd Fleet arrives.

It is a slaughter.

A few ships are damaged, but none are lost.  

Their blood up, 3rd Fleet immediately sets a course for Elysion.

2124.03.05 3rd Fleet arrives at Elysion to find a handful of Atuuko ships, and some pirates.  All present shall suffer the wrath of Olympia.

Unfortunately 3rd Fleet doesn’t quite have enough fuel to go after the Atuuko homeworld, so instead it will take a quick diversion to take out the pirate base at Mu Trianguli.  

Surprisingly, there is no trace of the pirate base is as if it has been completely destroyed.

3rd Fleet returns home to refuel.  

The battle on Elysion does not go well.  The defenders are well emplaced and have more troops than the invaders.  Once 3rd Fleet is prepared, it will take the fight directly to the Atuuko homeworld.  If Olympia cannot retake Elysion directly, it will force the Atuuko to give it up by destroying their ability to fight.
2124.10.04  The Great Atuuko Supremacy ask for peace, but the Olympian Republic will not do so without Elysion.  The war goes on.


Siph_Horridus said...

Loving these updates, I'm quite tempted to go buy this. It hits all the boxes. I used to love Elite and I love strategy universe domination games!

Dan Eldredge said...

Yeah, I stumbled upon Distant Worlds a little over a year ago, and I've been hooked ever since. I really like the ability to mod so many things in the game (for example, my ship images). The latest version Distant Worlds: Universe, was just released, and allows even more modding. The game itself is pretty expensive, but for someone like me who rarely buys games, but gets into them and plays them for a long time, it's worth it.