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DW: Olympian Republic 004: 2115-2119

2115.01.01  The pressure to build hyperdrive is extreme.  The current available cash is 257,524 credits, while the cost to initiate a crash program to research hyperdrive is 256,546 credits.  Opponents to the program argue, “If we spend all our money on research, we won’t have any to build any ships once we do get it researched.”  Naturally this is countered by stating that research will still require time to complete, during which time savings will increase again.  On the other hand, if Olympia is attacked during this period, there will be no hyperdrive, and no money to build a defense fleet.  Intelligence indicates that no alien empire, or pirates, is in a position to attack at this time...  After much debate, the program is approved.  All resources are dumped into getting Hyperdrive completed asap.

Cash on Hand plummets from 257,524 to 979.  “We’re taking an awful risk.  This had better work...”

2115.06.17 Agent Tarfan successfully steals research into Energy Torpedoes.  Keep up the good work.

2116.01.01  Hyperdrive at 92%.  

2116.03.10  It’s about time.

Time to get to work.

The Thistledown-class Colony ship is designed, and one is immediately queued up.  

All the civilian ships are redesigned, and they begin retrofitting immediately.  The Explorers are retrofitted to the Mk3 design, and sent off exploring.

A quandary appears for the military ships.  It is possible to upgrade, but the size capacity of the shipyards is still just 160, so it is difficult to add the upgraded reactors and hyperdrives without gutting weapons systems.  

Space Construction is put to the head of the queue for research.

2116.06.27 Agent Tarfan successfully obtains the operations map of the Dhayu Territory.

Studying their map produces some useful information.  Most of their military is composed of escort vessels.  Perhaps they have had more trouble with pirates than Olympia?  They do however, appear to have some frigates.  More worrisome is that they have a fully-loaded troop transport.  The Navy is getting nervous again.

2116.12.01 Research in how to build a Science Academy is completed.  Excellent.

2117.02.11 Investigation of ruins in the Gamma Aurigae system reveal some disquieting information.  

2117.03.04 Exploration of the AJ510 white dwarf reveals an abandoned space station, and a Giant Kaltor.  EX-03 approaches cautiously and a boarding party takes control of the station, which provides valuable information as to the a location in the galaxy that needs further study.  Unfortunately this act alerts the Kaltor, which attacks the station.
Fortunately the station’s phaser armament is sufficient to kill the beast.

2117.05.15 A new empire is discovered, the Great Atuuko Supremacy, as well as an independent colony, populated by a race known as the Securans.  The galaxy continues to get bigger and bigger.

2117.05.21 Space Construction is researched.  This is what the Navy has been waiting for, and multiple Antlia-class frigates are ordered immediately.

2117.06.07 Colony Ship Thistledown is completed, loads its passengers, and sets a course for the Upsilon Vulpeculae system.  

2117.07.13 Olympia begins construction of a Science Academy.

2117.07.23 Have a cookie, Dak.

2117.09.04 Thistledown arrives at the Upsilon Vulpeculae system, only to have to flee the area because the ship came under attack by pirates.  Two ships of the new Olympian Navy, Andromeda and Antlia, are ordered to the system to provide an escort.

2117.09.13 Olympia Science Academy is completed.

2117.10.19 EX-01 discovers another abandoned star base, and discovers more information about the galaxy’s history.

2117.11.13 EX-01 then discovers something even more intriguing...

Unfortunately, the Epsilon Aurigae system is within the Naxxilian Empire.  Intelligence indicates that there are 2 billion humans on that world...  This does not sit well with the Senate.

2117.12.08 A quick check of the budget shows a negative cash flow.  This is unacceptable.  Both corvettes, Ikazuchi and Inazuma are immediately ordered to retire, as the more modern frigates are now available.  The recovered destroyer Sol Vendetta is also sent to retire, and its dismantling may provide some useful technological research.

2117.12.28  Andromeda and Antlia arrive at Upsilon Vulpeculae system to find a complicated situation.  

The pirate frigate Cunning Thunder from the Burning Claw Marauders is in orbit, apparently exchanging fire with the pirate escort Lamented Warlord from the Haunted Prowlers.  Also in the area is the Dhayu Territory’s construction ship Stout Rimrunner, which is probably just trying to keep out the way.

Andromeda and Antlia engage the pirates.

Stout Rimrunner gets out of Dodge fast.  Andromeda forces Cunning Thunder to flee, while Antlia and Lamented Warlord exchange vicious broadsides.

Antlia gets the upper hand.

Unfortunately, Lamented Warlord manages to escape.  Still, the crews of the Olympian ships are ecstatic, having participated in the first real battle of the Olympian Republic, and emerging victorious.

2118.02.10  Thistledown, now protected by Andromeda and Antlia, tries to colonize the system again, but then Cunning Thunder returns.
The two frigates succeed in chasing off the pirate.

Soon after, another pirate vessel, the escort Relentless Firestorm, appears in system.  Andromeda fires a few volleys, and as the Firestorm maneuvers, it passes awfully close to Thistledown, giving its passengers a very tense moment, before it hypers away.
2118.04.20 Thistledown successfully colonizes Upsilon Vulpeculae 3.  The citizens of that planet welcome the Olympians with open arms, and even name their colony Reunion in honor of the occasion.
The citizens immediately begin construction of a small spaceport.

The second colony ship, Mayflower, is 70% complete.  Recognizing the difficulty that Thistledown encountered, two more Antlia-class frigates are constructed to scout the system before Mayflower’s arrival.

2118.05.10 Reunion comes under attack by a pirate frigate, Baqubah X 001, from the Burning Claw Marauders.  Andromeda and Antlia take it on.  All ships take shield damage, and then the pirate flees.  The Navy is pleased by the successful defense, but would be happier with more vessels there.  Work on the space port is at 16%.

There is yet another attack at Reunion.  Andromeda and Antlia have their work cut out for them.  Two more frigates at ordered at Olympia Space Port to give them some reinforcements.

2119.03.29 Upsilon Aurigae 4 is colonized without a hitch.  The citizens name their new world Elysion and begin construction on a space port.

2119.04.29 Keep plugging away, Agent Tarfan.

2119.06.28 There are more pirate attacks at Reunion, and the addition of two extra frigates makes all the difference.  The pirates are chased off, but also the first kill is made against the pirate escort Grim Cutlass, an escort belonging to the Burning Claw Marauders.

2119.12.06  A hidden pirate base is discovered on Reunion, and Reunion’s militia, supported by one Strike Battalion, foolishly attacks it.  The attack is unsuccessful, and troops are sent from Olympia to help out while a new recruiting drive takes place on Reunion.

In the wake of this debacle, a new President, Basant Mankara, is elected.

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