Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DW: Republic of Arcadia, Part 25: Last Stand

Stardate 2133.09.01

The XHuman War has lasted seven years now.  The people still tolerate the war, but they, and the government, want it over.  1st Fleet heads back to the Relakis system to draw out the XHuman Navy, and once it is destroyed, an attack will be make on Relakis 1 itself.

Aloo has been colonized.  

2133.10.21  1st Fleet goes for broke and attacks Relakis.  The Republic frigate Eunomia is the first to be destroyed, followed by Ceres.  
The cruiser Avenger explodes next.
The fleet concentrates its fire on the Relakis 1 Weapons Platform.
While this is going on, the XHumans have launched a surprise invasion on MLM2.  
The weapons platform takes heavy fire.

One weapons platform down.  Three more to go, then the spaceport.

Two down.
Three down.

MLM2 falls to the XHumans...again.  Once Relakis is dealt with, the Republic will reclaim its world.

The Relakis spaceport takes damage.  It cannot last long.

The spaceport is destroyed!
And soon after, the last weapons platform.  Now the RN just has to blockade the planet.

The war is all but over, but it will take time to assemble the invasion forces.  

The invasion of Relakis begins.

The first invasion fails, and preparations for a second take far longer than expected.  The Senate decides to go ahead and propose a Mutual Defense Pact with the Enton Alliance and the Kiadian Empire.

The Republic has been at war with the XHuman Supremacy for no less than a decade now.  There are those in the Senate arguing that the war should be brought to a conclusion, but the XHumans remain defiant.  If not brought to heel, they undoubtedly would rebuild their strength and attack the Republic again.  This must not be permitted, and so when the invasion force is ready, Relakis will be conquered.

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