Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DW: Republic of Arcadia, Part 24: Harrassment

 Stardate 2131.03.05  Furious undergoes repairs.  The XHumans attempt to rally, furiously building new ships and sending them to attack the crippled RN ships still in the Relakis system.  

Throughout the war the Republic has been receiving offers for mutual defense pacts with multiple alien empires.  Thus far the Senate has demurred, as the last thing the Republic needs at this stage is to become embroiled in another war.  Once the war with the XHumans is over, then mutual defense pacts will be considered.

2131.08.31  Battles in the Relakis system are nearly constant, as the XHumans fight fiercely to keep hold of their system.
2131.09.04 Nearly five years after declaring war upon the Republic, the XHumans sue for peace!
After all the damage they have inflicted upon the Republic, the Senate is not ready to accept a simple end to hostilities.  They vote to end the war if and only if the XHuman Supremacy becomes the Republic’s subjugated dominion.  

As expected, the XHuman Supremacy reject these terms.
The war continues.

2131.11.01 In a new election, President Gerrin Xanaria is succeeded by Paedri Trebulo. (Amazingly, there is no relation to the previous President Paedri Trebulo.  Perhaps the electorate was confused and thought they were re-electing him?)
2132.06.22 The planet of Ohricura is colonized in the Relakis system.  This is dangerous, but will provide a valuable forward base for the RN.

2132.12.05  Things are getting out of control.  The XHumans are relentless in their attacks on Republic vessels.  Somehow they have the ability to keep producing ships despite the Republic’s crippling of their empire.  The colony of Ohricura suddenly has a revolution and joins the XHuman Supremacy!
Not only that, but the Naxxilian Domain imposes trade sanctions on the Republic.  This is just a gesture, but the sour relations do not bode well.  The Republic does not want a war with the Domain.

And then, the pirate raids on Republic systems continue unabated.  3rd and 5th Fleet are each ordered to attack pirate bases belonging to the Venomous Dagger Confederacy.

The Senate orders that as soon as practicable, the RN is to evacuate the Relakis system and return to Gamma Crateris 1 until a larger fleet can be built.

2133.01.02 Apparently the civil war on Ohricura continues...another revolution occurs and they return to the Republic fold.  The Senate suddenly waffles on its decision.

This is all the Republic needs...
2133.02.13 Despite constant orders to the contrary, the ships of 6th Fleet inexplicably throw themselves at Relakis 1, only to be destroyed by the system’s defenses.  [This is really annoying.  I’ve set the fleet posture to “defend” and only to attack when attacked, and yet whenever I look in on another part of the empire, they automatically throw themselves into the Relakis system to attack it...and get annihilated.  I must have lost a dozen ships this way]

2133.08.04 1st Fleet has massed at Gamma Crateris 1, and prepares to attack Relakis.

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