Friday, July 19, 2013

DW: Republic of Arcadia, Part 22: Offensive

 Stardate 2129.02.13  3rd Fleet begins its attack on Sigma Capricorni.

While this is going on, the Ackdarian population of the Republic has been clamoring to aid the Tau Cassiopeiae Council, as it is losing its war against the Naxxilian Domain.  President Xanaria states that the Republic cannot handle a two front war at this time, but the Senate votes to give monetary aid to the Council, and offers them a technology swap--the Republic trades them Point Defenses and High Powered Lasers for Shield Reinforcement and Damage Control.  

2129.05.12  3rd Fleet arrives at Sigma Capricorni 1 and attacks.  There are essentially no defenses.  
3rd Fleet lands its troops after wiping out all XHuman presence in orbit.  There is no apparent reaction from the XHumans.  

One of the exploration vessels enters the Gamma Crateris system, and finds that it, too, has few defenses.  Attempting to keep the pressure on, 1st Fleet is ordered to attack it immediately.  

...but the XHumans have not in fact been idle.  Their 10th Fleet is spotted on an attack vector towards MLM2.  10th Fleet is not trivial in size.  It contains:
  • Overpowering Dictator (Tetrarch XIV-class cruiser)  FP162
  • Tetrarch XIV (Tetrarch XIV-class cruiser) FP162
  • Decimator XIII 001 (Decimator XIII-class destroyer) FP138
  • Decimator XIII 002 (Decimator XIII-class destroyer) FP138
  • Decimator XIII 003 (Decimator XIII-class destroyer) FP138
  • Decimator XIII 004 (Decimator XIII-class destroyer) FP138
  • Centurion X 003 (Centurion X-class frigate) FP42
  • Maximus XIII 001 (Maximus XIII-class troop transport) FP14
For a total firepower of 932.  

At this time 2nd Fleet consists of firepower 1328, and so is deemed capable of handling the incursion by itself.

2129.07.26 The invasion of Sigma Capricorni 1 is a success, and is annexed to the Republic.

2nd Fleet arrives at MLM2 to await the XHuman 10th Fleet.  Also, two new vessels, the Republic’s first carrier, Furious, and its first cruiser, Avenger, is completed at Arcadia Prime, and are sent to join 2nd Fleet.

The XHuman 10th Fleet arrives at MLM2, and it quickly becomes a close quarters battle.  2nd Fleet concentrates on the troop transport to take it out before it lands troops.
Decimator XIII 002 flees the battle, while Asagiri is crippled.  Hygiea destroys Centurion X 003.  

Just as this happens, however, 1st Fleet arrives at Gamma Crateris 1 and finds it poorly defended.  

The XHumans concentrate their fire on 2nd Fleet’s flagship, the destroyer Aquila, while the rest of 2nd Fleet manages to cripple the troop transport.

Aquila is destroyed.  Decimator XIII 004 flees.  Having concentrated their fire to take out Aquila, the XHuman ships are bunched up, and are pounded by 2nd Fleet’s firepower.  Tetrarch IV and Overpowering Dictator are both swiftly overwhelmed and destroyed.  The remaining XHuman ships are destroyed.

The exploration ship Mariner jumps into the Relakis system on a recon mission, and discovers that while the Relakis system has sixteen warships, they only have three destroyers, which are the most powerful vessels.  Relakis itself has a large spaceport and four orbital batteries, but the range of the Republic vessels is such that they can reduce the XHuman defenses given enough time.

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