Monday, July 15, 2013

DW: Republic of Arcadia, Part 18: Big Pirates

Stardate 2125.01.01

Andeysas Space Port is easily destroyed by Rebellion of Eta Horologii, but 2nd Fleet is on the way.  

Rebellion jumps to another moon to attack the mining station there, just as 2nd Fleet arrives.

Rebellion takes out the station.

Rebellion is mobbed by 2nd Fleet, but it has many shields to burn through.

The corvettes can run rings around the cruiser, but Pallas, although heavily outgunned, moves in to exchange broadsides with the cruiser.

Rebellion uses its tractor beam to drag Pallas in, but Pallas keeps up a heavy fire with her aft guns.  

Pallas breaks free of Rebellion’s grasp, and Rebellion’s shields go down.

Rebellion attempts to escape, but her hyperdrive fails.

The fire from 2nd Fleet is relentless.  Hayatori is avenged.

Sedna is colonized.

3rd Fleet closes in on Kappa Leonis, where the pirate base that destroyed Kamikaze is located.

3rd Fleet arrives and begins the attack, while the pirate escort vessels mass to repel.

Five of the pirate escorts advance on Vesta and Akatsuki, while Kasumi, Murasume, Asahio, and Harusame execute a short jump to surround the system.

Vesta is damaged during the merge, but gives as good as it gets.  Harusame gets dragged towards the space port by its tractor beam, and its hyperdrive is damaged.

Harusame explodes.  Vesta is crippled.
The order is given for the fleet to escape the system.  Asahio is crippled and destroyed.  Just before jumping, Vesta is destroyed.

Four ships survive.  Murasame, Shirakumo, Akatsuki, and Kasumi.  

2125.07.08 Lone Fang Spaceways launches a massive attack on Rho Librae 3.  No less than twelve escort vessels exit hyperspace, and they threaten to overwhelm Fubuki and Arare.  

Both corvettes cripple an escort each, then the pirates turn their attention to Arare, bringing her under heavy fire at point-blank range.  Arare’s shields collapse and she is destroyed.  Fubuki is able to open the distance and fend off her pursuers with her far superior range.  Fubuki lives up to her name, unleashing a veritable blizzard of missiles, and manages to destroy at six escorts, forcing the rest to flee.

The massed pirate attacks have caused several losses to RN fleets.  The Senate votes to increase the size of the navy and improve ship designs soon.

2126.01.08 After dealing with yet another pirate raid at Rho Librae 3, the crew of the Fubuki is met with another terrifying challenge.  

Sigma Virginis Starstream (SVS), a battleship of the Cruel Dagger Ravagers, exits hyperspace in the system.  Fubuki should be able to outmanuever it, but it simply does not have the firepower to stop such a behemoth.  

Fubuki fires a continuous stream of missiles against SVS, but its shields regenerate faster than Fubuki can damage them.

Fubuki attempts to escape, but cannot get out of range of SVS’s tractor beam.  The corvette is boarded and captured.

SVS then proceeds to destroy Rho Librae space port, and everything else in system, including other pirates.  

2126.07.25  One of the Republic’s passenger vessels, transporting migrants, comes under attack by an escort belonging to the XHuman Supremacy.  This will not be tolerated.  The Republic immediately imposes trade sanctions upon the Supremacy.

2126.08.13 The research advances that the RN was waiting for are completed, and new warship designs are created.  The Hatsushio-class corvette, the Astraea-class frigate, and the Andromeda-class destroyer are designed, and multiple ships are ordered immediately.

In order to fund these military expenditures, Point Defense weaponry is sold to Republic’s allies, the Free Ikkuro Alliance.  Ships are ordered to replace those lost in 3rd Fleet, to give each fleet a destroyer to serve as lead ship, and a second frigate.

2126.09.03 Quaire is colonized.

2126.12.10 The XHuman Supremacy declares war on the Republic of Arcadia.

This must be in response to the trade sanctions that were imposed when the Republic passenger ship was fired upon by the XHumans.  The Republic did not want a war with them, but if they want one, the Republic will give them one.

2nd Fleet is dispatched to the Epsilon Corvi system, as it borders upon the Supremacy.  That is likely where the most fighting will take place.

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