Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DW: Republic of Arcadia, Part 15: Implacable Sentinel

Stardate 2119.01.01
All private shipping flees the Andeysas system as the pirate battleship Implacable Sentinel closes in.

In the midst of this attack, pirates from the Mortalu Clan and Savage Moon Spaceways attack the mining base in the Upsilon Velorum system.  The mining station is caught in the middle, as the pirates attack each other as well.  Savage Moon Spaceways are victorious, and proceed to destroy the mining station and go after others in the system.

Back at Andeysas, Implacable Sentinel destroys a mining base and returns destroy the colony ship under construction there.  1st Fleet has traveled only 1/3 of the distance to the colony.

Implacable jumps back and forth throughout the Ackdar system, destroying a mining ship, and then returning to Andeysas to take out a small freighter.  Intelligence indicates that Implacable Sentinel may be the only warship Ackdar Shipping has.  If the RN can destroy it, Ackdar Shipping will cease to be a threat.

Mu Lyncis 1 has been colonized.  The settlers rename the planet Cydonia.

Three pirates escorts from the Venomous Dagger Confederacy attack Andeysas, but stumble onto 3rd Fleet, which immediately attacks them.  Two of the pirate vessels are destroyed but one escapes.  

2120.05.18 Implacable Sentinel is spotted again, this time far away in the Upsilon Velorum system, which has been colonized by the Mortalu Sovereignty.  The Republic maintains a mining station there, however, and the Sentinel chooses that as a target.

2120.05.30 There is a new election and Peet Tarfan becomes President of the Republic.  He is not a charismatic man, as he is a poor speaker and some accuse him of paranoia.  Pirates have been rampaging through some systems, however, so perhaps some paranoia is justified.

2120.06.23 Andeysas comes under attack again by pirates from the VD Confederacy, and again 3rd Fleet defends the planet.

2120.10.16 Ethoihen is colonized.  
2120.10.25 Implacable Sentinel has returned to the Andeysas system, but 3rd Fleet is there waiting for it.  1st Fleet, holding station at Zeta Carinae, is ordered to assist.  

The corvettes fire a volley of missiles, then move away per doctrine to do standoff attacks.  Juno moves right in to get in range of its weapons.  
Juno is pulled in by a tractor beam and heavily damaged with systems disabled.  The corvettes manage to stay out of range, and their missiles are doing damage to the Sentinel’s shields.  

Juno is destroyed.  The corvettes’ tactic is working.  They unleash volley after volley of missiles, and Sentinel tries to respond, but it the corvettes outrange it.  Suddenly the pirates offer a truce.


With 1st Fleet closing in, and its shields almost down, Implacable Sentinel turns, and prepares to flee.  3rd Fleet continues firing missile volleys, but the Sentinel escapes.  

In the aftermath of the battle, the RN vessels rendezvous at Andeysas.  Just at that moment, a pirate escort vessel, Eminence of Psi Virginis, from the VD Confederacy, arrives in system.  Big mistake.
It fires a few shots at Kasumi, and then explodes when a massive volley of missiles hit it.
2120.12.29 And then...Implacable Sentinel returns again.  1st and 3rd Fleets are still on alert, and Implacable Sentinel’s shields are only at 26%.  The fight is on...

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