Friday, July 5, 2013

DW: Republic of Arcadia, Part 12: Making Contact

Stardate 2113.01.01

2113.02.09  Another wave of exploration ships departs for the stars. Soon after, a pair of Grim Gang mining bases are discovered in the Eta Herculis system.  2nd Fleet sets a course to destroy them.  

2113.04.05  The Republic has heard rumors of an independent colony of Ackdarians, a potentially friendly alien race, in a nearby system.  Construction of a colony ship is ordered, Stellar Pearl, and an exploration ship to is sent to investigate the system.  At nearly the same time, exploration ship Discovery finds an unoccupied, colonizable world in the Epsilon Comae Berenices system.  
In rapid succession the Republic has first contact with two alien empires, the Naxxilian Domain and the Tau Cassiopeiae Council.  

2113.08.17 The Republic discovers a Grim Gang Gas Mining Station and a Savage Moon Spaceways Resupply Ship in the Upsilon Cassiopeiae system.  1st Fleet is dispatched to deal with them.  

2113.08.29 The rumors of a colony of Ackdarians is confirmed on the planet Andeysas in the Ackdar system.  It also appears to be under blockade by a group of pirates calling themselves Ackdar Shipping.  3rd Fleet is ordered to clear out the system.  

2114.01.30  In a surprise result, President Kesky fails to win a second term, and Paedri Trebulo is elected President of the Republic.  President Trebulo’s acceptance speech is surprisingly...obnoxious.  Much of the Republic is shocked that Kesky failed to win a second term, as his presidency was seen as positive--except for, perhaps, the budget deficit.
2114.03.23 3rd Fleet arrives at Andeysas, and the Ackdar Shipping frigates Evil Retribution and Zeta Delphini Turmoil are in orbit.  3rd Fleet attacks.  
Juno makes short work of Zeta Delphini Turmoil.  After destroying it, Juno turns her attention to Evil Retribution, blasts through her shields, and initiates a boarding action.  Evil Retribution attempts a hyperjump, but its engines fail.  
The boarding action succeeds, and Evil Retribution is captured.
2114.05.04 A Grim Gang resupply ship is located at Zeta Pictoris.  3rd Fleet is closest, but with Juno damaged and the fleet low on fuel, 1st Fleet is ordered to attack instead.  
2114.05.20 Another Ackdarian independent colony is discovered in the Upsilon Velorum system.  It is another planet the Republic can colonize.  
2114.06.17 The homeworld of the Tau Cassiopeiae Council is located.  The Council are Ackdarians, which are apparently scattered throughout the galaxy--the two already populated planets that the Republic intends to colonize have Ackdarian populations. Hopefully incorporating those wolds into the Republic will improve the relationship with the Council, especially if the new citizens are treated well.
2114.07.29 An intelligence mission turns up the location of the Grim Gang’s hideout.  It is far, but within range of RN fleets.  It is considered to send multiple fleets to ensure the hideout’s destruction, but 2nd Fleet is judged sufficient to do the job, and fully fueled, it is sent to get the job done.
2114.08.12  Endeavour discovers the homeworld of the Ancient Guardians, Theta Pictoris.  
2114.10.18  1st Fleet destroys the Grim Gang’s Resupply Ship at Zeta Pictoris.

2114.10.27  The Republic discovers another empire, the XHuman Supremacy.  Although they look human and are apparent distantly related, the Republic is skeptical of their motives.
2114.12.17  A Grim Gang escort vessel, Fatal Warrior, jumps into the Andeysas system to find 3rd Fleet waiting for it.  A fatal mistake.

2115 arrives.  Exploration has increased dramatically, multiple first contacts have occurred, and empire borders are being drawn.  The first Republic colony ship is 95% complete, with more on the way.  2nd Fleet is enroute to hopefully finish off the Grim Gang once and for all.  The galaxy is becoming an interesting place.  

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