Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DW: Republic of Arcadia, Part 10: Election

Stardate 2109.01.01
It is an election year.  President Mishku Bendu was elected in a time of war, but most of his presidency has been marked by peace and advances in science. However, his term is nearly over, and beginning next year there will be a new president.  Already forerunners in the various parties are jockeying for position.

2109.12.04  Most of the year has been very quiet, as all eyes are turned toward the election.  However, Republic Intelligence has recently trained a new operative for offensive missions, and plans are made to send him to the Great Sluken Hive to attempt to steal research information regarding advanced nuclear fission.  A secret security council approves the mission.

The end of the year has arrived, and with it, election day.  During his term, President Mishku Bendu presided over a population increase of 881 million, a 30% increase. The Strategic Value of the Republic increased from 390k to 508k, and revenues have increased from 24k to 34k.

2110.01.25  The transfer of government is complete, and the Republic has a new President, Thassun Kesky.  
2110.05.20 Unfortunately he Republic operative, San Trebulo was captured.  One can only imagine what foul tortures the insectoids of the Great Sluken Hive will inflict upon him.

2110.10.17 The Grim Gang strike again.  This time, the frigate Dark Victor begins a raid on Sedna Mining Station.  The station is still incomplete after Enchanted Profit fled the scene during the last attack.  This time the pirates get away with some money and leave.  

2110.11.29 Dark Victor returns and attacks Eta Tucanae 1 mining station.  This is no raid--the pirates open fire and destroy the station.  
2110.12.17 Dark Victor heads directly to Sedna Mining Station again, and this time destroys it.

The end of the year approaches again.  Next year the latest research will be completed, and with it, new ship designs will be created.  The Senate floor is lively with talk of taking the fight to the pirates, and President Kesky reveals an expansionist agenda, vowing to protect the Republic from pirates, to create new colonies, and to ensure the Republic's future.

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