Saturday, June 29, 2013

DW: Republic of Arcadia, Part 7: Rebuilding

Stardate 2104.07.01
2104.07.06  The Savage Moon Spaceways offers the Republic a protection agreement.  With a navy now, the Republic declines.

2104.07.18  Ceres completes repairs, and both Republic Navy fleets are now back to full strength.

2104.07.26  Research has invented Concussion Missiles, and the Navy begins retrofitting its ships to take advantage of these new weapons.

2104.08.29  An exploration ship from the Grim Gang, the Lavish Quest, arrives in system.  2nd Fleet responds to attack it, but it escapes before the fleet can get into range.  This may be a scouting attempt before a larger attack.  

2104.11.12 1st Fleet completes their retrofit, and moves to Arcadia, while 2nd Fleet proceeds to the space port to retrofit.

There are shortages in resources.  Only by building more mines and expanding trade can we overcome this.  
2105.01.01  With the new year it is time to take stock of the empire.  The people are unhappy with the 39% tax rate, but President Bendu remains popular.  

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