Friday, June 28, 2013

DW: Republic of Arcadia, Part 6: Retaking the Solar System

Stardate 2104.01.01
The Republic Navy prepares to attack, but there is dissent in the Senate. President Bendu is revealed as a pacifist as he makes an impassioned plea to forestall the attack.  He argues that the protection money the Republic has paid thus far cost less than a single warship, and that it is a small price to pay to keep the peace.

Since the arrangement was made, the Grim Gang pirates have left the Republic alone, and there is little reason to think they will return to aggression.  The warmongers in the Senate accuse the President of colluding with the pirates like his cousin, and call for his resignation.  Bendu hotly denies any wrongdoing but refuses to back down.  The warmongers argue strongly for independence and revenge for the citizens lost during the attacks, and their voices carry the day.  The Senate votes: the attack plans will go forward.  

2104.01.09  The order is given.  The protection agreement is canceled.  1st Fleet initiates the attack, while 2nd Fleet is held in reserve in case of any counterattack.  
The corvettes maintain a standoff distance while Ceres goes straight in.    
Ceres takes a pounding from the mining station's torpedoes and is severely damaged.  
 Ceres limps away and holds position out of range, while the corvettes destroy the station with seeker missiles.

Immediately after the battle, the Ceres is ordered to return to Arcadia Prime Space Port 2 to be repaired.  2nd Fleet is ordered to relieve 1st Fleet and be ready for a counterattack.  

2104.03.03 Ceres slowly makes its way back to the space port.  The RN expects a response from the Grim Gang at any moment.  

2104.04.02  2nd Fleet arrives in position.
2104.05.03  Again there is a proposal in the Senate to send an operative to sabotage the Grim Gang’s mining station, but this time in another system.  Having already initiated hostilities, there is nothing to hold the Republic back. The mission is approved.  
2104.05.21 Contact is made with Savage Moon Spaceways, a faction of pirate smugglers. Being smugglers and not mercenaries, they do not seem to be as much of a threat as the Grim Gang, but the Republic will be wary of them just the same.
2104.06.26 A new general, Thassun Obarria, is appointed to command the Republic’s ground forces, and soon after a scientist, Matthia Dokari, makes a name for himself.  

There has been no sign at all of the Grim Gang.  There is speculation that they are busy elsewhere, and cannot respond, although the Republic's intelligence agency indicates that they still maintain a military capability that far exceeds that of the RN.  The RA will continue to build its economy and navy to prepare for the day when they attack again.

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