Monday, June 24, 2013

DW: Republic of Arcadia, Part 4: Bootstraps

Stardate 2102.03.03

Construction begins on Arcadia Prime Orbital Battery 1, but after a month, it is not even 20% completed.  The Republic hopes for a reprieve from the Grim Gang.  This is a critical time period.

The astronomers study the maps that the discovery on Eris has provided, and it should prove helpful.  None of the planets appear to be hospitable, but likely the RA will be able to exploit their resources.  The suspected location of the Grim Gang’s pirate base is much farther away.  
2102.04.16 The first independent trader has arrived.  Unlike the Grim Gang, this one appears to be friendly.  

2102.04.22 A construction ship controlled by the Grim Gang is spotted.  It appears to be preparing to build something at Arcadia--probably a gas mining station.  Apparently the Grim Gang wish to establish a permanent presence in this system.  It is hoped that they cease their aggression long enough for the Republic to be able to defend itself from them.
Some members of the Senate wish to send an operative on a sabotage mission against the new station the Grim Gang is building.  In a closed session the Senate declines, reasoning that if he is successful, then the pirates will know who did it and wreak vengeance on the Republic.  The President agrees readily to this, and while some speculate he is being wise, others are concerned that he is merely protecting the pirates like his predecessor.
Arcadia Prime Orbital Battery 1 is completed.  Next up is the Medium Star port.
2102.09.02 The Grim Gang’s mining station is completed, and some in the Senate wish to hire mercenaries to destroy this installation.  The bill fails to pass the Senate, for the same reasons it declined the sabotage mission.
The rest of the year goes by smoothly, and 2102 is closed out with Arcadia Prime Space Port 2 65% completed.  Once it is done the military build-up will continue.

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