Friday, March 1, 2013

Open Fire! Sturmgeschütz III

Here is my first German vehicle from the Flames of War Open Fire! boxed set, a Sturmgeschütz III.

This model was easier to put together than the Shermans in the boxed set, but it still had a few gaps at the joins.  That said, at least the pieces fit.

I originally intended to paint on the camouflage stripes using my airbrush, but in the end I opted to just try to stipple them on, as I never seemed to have enough time to setup the airbrush for a painting session.    I may still try the airbrush method later on, but so far the stipple method seems to work passably well.

I was not too excited to paint a nazi flag on the vehicle, but's a Wehrmacht vehicle, so there it is...  I made sure during the weathering stage to soil the flag with plenty of dirt.  Ultimately, this StuG will see plenty of service on the Flames of War battlefield...getting blown to smithereens by the Allied Forces.


Karitas said...

Nice looking wee tank.. i say "wee" cos i posted a STUG today myself, but i had the luxury of 28mm.

also, i know what you mean about the flag, personally I'm not painting that icon, and I'm assiduously avoiding any SS units, - as though staying just on Heer somehow make me feel less dirty :)

Sorry grandad!

Dan Eldredge said...

Well, out of my squadron of 3 StuGs, this one will be the only one with the flag. The flag marks it as the first vehicle to DIE in every battle it fights.

And I know what you mean about SS units... In all games there to be a "bad" guy, but somehow I feel less bad playing Chaos Space Marines than nazis...

Jack Badelaire said...

Just think of it as a bulls-eye for incoming heavy artillery shells!

Overall, a nice-looking tank. How big is it, physically? I need to get around to at least assembling the Honey Stuarts I've bought.

Admiral Drax said...

Great work!

I remember non-Airfix Luftwaffe modelling kits during my childhood coming with the swastikas literally inked-out with indelible pen on the decal sheets!

I like to think of it as a target, too. Don't forget though, by that point in the war a lot of the poor buggers inside such vehicles wouldn't have had much time for the crooked cross either.

Dan Eldredge said...

@Drax: True, but the non-nazis will be in the other two StuGs in the squadron. The Nazis will be in this one...which will make it a juicy target.