Monday, March 5, 2012

Brazen Claws Chapter Master

And here he is, Chapter Master Aeneus, the last miniature left in my Brazen Claws Army. I thought it was fitting that the chapter master of the Brazen Claws be armed with a pair of actual Brazen Lightning Claws. So I got the bitz of a pair of Lightning Claws for a Terminator Sergeant and put them on a converted a Terminator Captain model. 

Aeneus is standing on a rock to give him some height, as he's an old school terminator, which is slightly smaller than the usual terminators these days.  I spent way too much time in the hobby stores looking for a suitable rock-like base to mount him on.  And then I had a brilliant idea--I went outside my front door and picked up a piece of decorative stone in my driveway.

I also wanted to give him a suitably impressive back banner. I briefly thought about just making a paper banner, but then I thought:  if this guy is the chapter master, and the final piece of my Brazen Claws collection, he deserves better than paper. Therefore I decided to go the extra mile and do something I'd never done before--make a custom greenstuff banner.
It was definitely a learning experience, but I enjoyed it and I think it came out pretty well.  The banner did end up with some subtle bubbles on it, but I was able to hide them by gluing purity seals over them.

Here is the final result.  The banner is quartered into two checked patterns and personal heraldry.  The upper right is Aeneus' personal heraldry, a Brazen Claw on a black field, with scrollwork indicating his name and Talus IV, the now destroyed chapter world of the Brazen Claws.  The lower left quadrant shows the chapter symbol of the Iron Hands, the progenitor chapter of the Brazen Claws. 


Jack Badelaire said...

Pretty badass.

I especially like the use of an older terminator model, but converted to look a lot more dynamic and "modern".

I think the banner deserves a close-up photo of its own, because in person, the attention to detail is amazing.

DimmyK said...

Really inspiring work!

Big D said...

That is one of the best green stuff banners that I have seen. Great job on getting it nice and thin like that - every time I try something like that it just tears all to pieces.

ludoredguard said...

j'adore ta bannière

Darkwing said...