Monday, December 19, 2011

The Hated Fluff

Any time a new codex comes out, the Interwebs explode with everyone hating on the new fluff.  Beloved history and background are retconned out of existence, warped beyond recognition, or generally trampled upon.  Authors (I'm talking about you, Mat Ward) with no concept of how their new vision of the 40k Universe RUINS EVERYTHING.  I hate it as much as everyone else.

But who cares?  This is the grim darkness of the far future, right?  The Imperium is a totalitarian government that isn't exactly known for its freedom of thought and expression.  Even the existence of Chaos is kept from the majority of citizens because it is information too dangerous for them to know. Everyone in the 40k Universe has their own agenda, and they are not above propaganda to further their goals.

Just because someone like Mat Ward has written the latest edition of the Codex including details we despise doesn't mean that's how it's going to be forever.  When the current codex/fluff authors are eventually replaced and new editions of rulebooks and codices are written, things will undoubtedly be retconned again, perhaps in a way that players will actually like.  I just see the current version of the fluff as merely the latest propaganda distributed by the powers that be, and as such, subject to change.  So there's no reason to get too upset over it.

I'll end with a quote from Ward himself:

"The history of the Imperium since the Heresy is not a continuous story.  There have been periods of rebellion and anarchy; times when the balance of power has suddenly changed and history has been quite literally re-written."
--p9, Codex: Space Marines, Matthew Ward, 2008.

History will be re-written again.

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suneokun said...

Couldn't agree more ... there's nothing stopping GW from producing 'historical' codici offering you build structures from throughout their history.

Ret-coning the whole fluff with badly thought out garbage is annoying, especially when it flies in the face of previous dogma.

That's why I like Flames of War, it's hard to rewrite WW2 (although Stephen Ambrose gave it a shot!)