Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween and GW Customer Service does it again...

So with Halloween approaching I decided to paint something other than my Space Hulk miniatures.  My Vampire Counts army quickly came to mind, and I decided on a pair of miniatures to paint, a Tomb Banshee and the Winged Vampire Lord.

Well, the Banshee came out ok, but there was a problem with the Winged Vampire Lord.  I opened the blister and was about to start cleaning up the pieces, when I noticed something:
It may not be obvious, and it wasn't to me at first either, but...the head is missing.  Sure, the Headless Winged Vampire Lord might be scary too, but it wasn't the look I was going for.

At first I thought, Crap, do I have another head in my bitz box that I can use to substitute? (The answer is no)  But then I thought that since GW had responded so well to the defect I found in my Dreadfleet purchase, replacing the damaged game mat, I would try them again.

I emailed them and politely explained the problem, enclosing the above picture of what I had found when I opened the blister.  I got a swift response, and they said they would send me a new model to replace the incomplete one. 

So kudos to GW Customer Service, who came through for me again.

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Chorus Lucia said...

I'm glad to hear they were so easy to deal with. So far I haven't run into anything but bent resin swords that I'm told can be straightened with hot water, but its still good to hear that when/if I do run into something it might be easy to deal with.