Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grey Knights

(Note: All these pictures are taken either from GW's website or from a mass e-mailing)

I've been awaiting the arrival of the Grey Knights with anticipation.  Although I'm not really in a position to start up yet another army right now, I'd been looking forward to seeing what the new models were going to look like.  I had heard rumors that the new Dreadknight was "hideous", but it was hard to tell from the one blurry image we got.  Then I got the standard press release e-mail from GW.
My initial response to this
Nothing really to write home about here, either.
Or here.  Although I have to stay this obsession with really wide stances for terminators lately to make them seem bigger is bordering on ridiculous.  These guys are in serious danger of groin pulls...

But I wanted to see a little more detail so I went to check out GW's website.
This is a small image, but I like the sword on the Dreadknight a heck of a lot better than the hammer.  And since the model's plastic, that's a big plus, so I'm already imagining all sorts of conversion work I could do on this guy to give him a really dynamic pose.
The Grey Knights themselves are pretty cool, and I like all the options that are available.  The move to plastic is a good one.
Same goes for the terminators...
...which can get pretty complex.
I'm not all that impressed with Lord Kaldor Draigo though.  I mean, the model has tons of great detail--the shield is amazing, but...  I just think that in a horde of baroque Grey Knights, this guy just isn't going to stick out all that much.

In the end, I'm pretty impressed with the new offerings--I'm really tempted to pick up the Dreadknight at some point.


Jack Badelaire said...

The new dread and all its accessories makes me think of the new plastic Ork dread, which also has a plethora of cosmetic and functional options, meaning that while both models are probably expensive, you're not just buying "the model", but a whole bucket of conversion bits for other projects, which I think is acceptable.

The Inner Geek said...

I hadn't thought about the wide stance on terminators or late. Great point. Do you think the veterans get loincloths soaked in the Emperor's own Ben-Gay to relieve the groin pulls?

Darkwing said...

Not only that, but based on how far apart the legs are where they join the hips, they must be suffering from massive hip-displasia!