Thursday, October 14, 2010

The End is Nigh...

For a long while now I've been working my Brazen Claw army--specifically, the Brazen Claw 2nd Company. It's been a long road filled with distractions due to other projects, as well as burnout painting so much red and blue quartered paint schemes.

Recently I've been trying to inject some self-discipline into myself and not buy any new miniatures for a while. Then I saw my Brazen Claws sitting on the shelf. The company is almost done, mainly just the above miniatures left to go. Painting the whole company seemed like almost an insurmountable task in the beginning. But now, I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Finishing the company before I buy any more miniatures seems to be a reachable goal. Also, as it's going to take me a while (at least a few weeks) to find the time to finish these guys anyway, it'll also help my wallet a bit too.


Da Masta Cheef said...

I used to have a combat squad of Brazen Claw tac. marines with a razorback attached to my old Iron Hands army. They were an exercise in color theory. Being brightly colored (when compared to the rather monochromatic Iron Hands) the poor brazen claw took an inordinate amount of fire, totally out of proportion to their capabilities. I used to claim moral victory is any of them simply survived!

Will be nice to see a whole army of them for once!

Darkwing said...

Yeah, it will be good to have them finished. I started painting them 3 years ago!