Monday, September 27, 2010


When you get wounded on the battlefield, especially one as brutal as the 40k battlefield, you'd like to think that your side cares enough about you that they'll try to treat your wounds, and possibly even save your life.  The Space Marines have their Apothecaries, whose primary duty is to care for the chapter's geneseed, but also to treat injured Space Marines so they can fight again.  The Imperial Guard, in an attempt to maintain some humanity in the uncaring grinding death machine of the Imperium, have medics to treat their injured guardsmen.  Even orks, after a fashion, have their medics, known as painboyz.  Their treatments might be more dubious, but orks medics exist nonetheless.

But what about the other races?  There's no mention of medical personnel.  Now I wouldn't expect a race like the Necrons to have medics...  And being treated by a medic in the forces of Chaos or Dark Eldar might be considered a fate worse than death.  But there are two other races, for example Eldar and Tau, that you might expect care enough about their own troops to try to salvage them from lingering death on the battlefield.

So here's my Tau Medic.  Keeping my Fire Warriors alive to fight another day.


Flekkzo said...

First I thought, a Tyranid medic, hehe, funny. But then I realized that it would make tons of sense when you think about it. I'll let all of you figure it out yourself and come to your own conclusions.

Nice idea for the Tau. Should be a unit add-on that gives a bonus. Write GW and include the picture!

Nocturus said...

Nice looking model :). Glad to see you haven't left the Greater Good behind ;).


Fallen Angel said...

I don't think GW will care, sadly. I really like it, more's the pity.

Darkwing said...

Well, I think the "hobby" part of GW would fully support it, as much as they support any miniatures conversion effort. But I'd never expect to be in a codex.