Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ork Land Battleship, Part 16

I'll tell you one thing.  Riveting isn't.
Port-forward track

Starboard-forward track
Port-aft track

Starboard-aft track

These pictures just shows the exteriors of the tracks--I had to do a bunch of riveting on the lower parts of the interiors of the tracks.  I estimate there is something like 1,300 individual rivets on these pieces.  The work isn't hard, it's just very tedious.  In the end I think it's worth it, as the rivets add a lot to the model and make it look ten times better than if all the rivets were not there.


Papa JJ said...

That's an insane amount of rivets, wow! I'm really impressed by this undertaking and imagine it will be quite a behemoth when finished. Very cool stuff!

Jason said...
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Jason said...

"Riveting isn't."

That is truly awesome writing. I smiled, then posted a comment, then, worried that my comment would be taken as sarcasm and not actual praise, I deleted that comment and wrote this one.

I've written an entire paragraph in response to your two words. Can you tell I'm an English major?

Darkwing said...

I didn't take the original comment as sarcasm, that's ok.

I was originally going to say "Riveting isn't riveting", but then I decided that a "less is more" approach would be better. :)