Friday, July 16, 2010

Ork Land Battleship, Part 13

When I first posted this as a "mystery project", it seemed to generate some interest in figuring out what it might be.  Responding to that, I attempted to do what I could to provide little hints, but without revealing the whole project.  Well, I'm sick of that now--I might as well just start posting progress.

So this post is a sequence of pictures as I assemble the various parts of the Land Battleship from the bottom up.
All of the pieces I'm adding will remain removable in the final product, so I can add detail in each stage, and the various Ork krew will be able to fit inside.

Starting to get big...  I still have some superstructure left to go, mostly in the after section.  Once all that's in place, I'll start detailing everything up!


Klaus said...

This is really coming along nicely.
The only critisism I'd have so far, is that's its a very clean build for Ork, but I know you'll address this later, right?

Darkwing said...

Fear not. I have not yet begun to make it look terrible!

Mordian7th said...

Holy smokes! That thing is massive - I love it! The main structure looks brutal (as an ork vehicle should) and the turrets look very cool. I look forward to seeing it get nice and orkified, keep up the great work!

Nocturus said...

Good lord that thing looks great! So... when's the battle report with it coming up ;).


woroxon said...

I agree with Klaus in that is too much clean for an ork vehicle I rather see it as an Imperial Guard vehicle. for me the turrets are the definitive selling point.

any way it is coming along as an impressive kit.

J. E. Badelaire said...

Oh ye of little faith. Give it time...