Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Warhammer Blog

As I mentioned in a previous post, with the imminent release of the 8th edition of Warhammer, I'm tempted to get back into the fantasy side of things.

Well, it looks like I'm going to break down and get back into it. Fear not, this does not mean the end of either Arcadia Prime or my interest in the 40k side of things. 

Just thinking about it I have plenty of ideas for posts. Thoughts on the game and how I originally got into it, pictures of my various armies (old and new), progress as I choose/work on new armies, and battle reports (my original raison d'etre) as they happen.

But I'm struggling as to what to name it.

This blog "Arcadia Prime" is named after the planet where my original Imperial Guard regiment was formed, and as the fleet base of my Battlefleet Gothic fleet (er...rather it should be called Battlefleet Arcadia).  For the purposes of the 40k campaigns I've played, my gamer friends and I assume that they take place in the Arcadia Sector. 

But what to call a fantasy blog?  I think it would be cool to have a title that ties it to my 40k blog, but that's not required.  It's easy to come up with a name for something related to 40k.  It's a big galaxy, far too big to define in detail, so all you have to do is carve out a portion of it and call it your own.  Not so easy in the Warhammer World, since it's just a planet, with locales already defined.  Since many of the races are rooted in their various nations. (e.g., High Elves are on Ulthuan, Bretonnians are in Bretonnia, Lizardmen are in Lustria, and so on)  So it's hard to pick a little niche in the Old World and say "here is where all those races are going to get together and duke it out.

At the same time, this blog isn't going to be about a single race.  In my time I've played any number of races, and I'm going to bully Badelaire to do some posts about his army as well, so this won't be restricted by an individual race.

So I think I should avoid a title that's tied to a location or a specific army and keep it more abstract (or at least, more general).

Also, I don't want to keep it so generic as to be "Darkwing's Warhammer Blog".  Lame.

While the 40k Universe is very dark, with a gothic style to it.  So is the Warhammer World, and I want to capture that somewhat in the title.

Badelaire and I bandied a few ideas around yesterday--here's a few of what I can remember, plus others that I thought of since then.

Battles of the Old World   (kinda generic)
Legends of the Old World  (is it arrogant to talk about my own progress blog as "legends"?)

Thinking about my neverending battle against the tides of unpainted miniatures, and considering the sense of impending doom associated with the Warhammer World, I came up with...
Stemming the tide of Darkness
Abandon All Hope of ever finishing painting all my miniatures. 
The Last Stand
Delaying the Inevitable 
Impending Doom

And another random idea:

Fields of Death  (too morbid?)

Any opinions?  Anyone else have any ideas?


eriochrome said...

I would probably just post it all under the same blog. That it what I do. My blog is named after my space marine chapter but most of the content is specialist games stuff.

folkert said...

Abandon All Hope of painting all models Is hilarious I "vote" for that one :-D