Friday, April 30, 2010

Rules for Shas'o Da'Eldi

Special Character:  Shas’O Da’Eldi
During the Plexus Nebulosa War, Shas’el Da’Eldi managed to lead the Tau to victory over the Imperial forces, minimizing losses to the Fire Warriors under his command by making use of large numbers of drones.  While the loss in drones was in some cases severe, Shas’el Da’Eldi countered criticism to this by pointing out that every lost drone was equivalent to a Fire Warrior’s life saved.  Later in the war, Shas'el Da'Eldi was elevated to Shas'o, and designed a custom battlesuit, the XV-100, suited to his combat style.

Da’Eldi abhors the unnecessary risking of Tau lives, believing that for the Greater Good, Tau Fire Warriors should use drones and other technology to fight battles wherever practical.  As such he commands his own hunter cadre consisting of nothing but drones (and himself). 

Shas’O Da’Eldi
200 Points

Shas’O Da’Eldi

Special Character:  Shas’o Da’Eldi is a special character.  He may be used only in Tau Drone Armies, and must be its commander.  You may not select any additional equipment from the Armory. 

Equipment: XV-100 Battlesuit (Acute Senses, Relentless), Jetpack, Railgun, Airburst Fragmentation Projector, Command-Link Drone, Drone Controller, 2 Shield Drones, Ejection System, Shield Generator, Blacksun Filter, hard-wired Multi-tracker. 

Unit Type: Jump Infantry (Jetpack)

Independent Character:  Except when accompanied by his personal drones, Shas’o Da’Eldi is an independent character (see the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook).

XV-100 Battlesuit:  This experimental battlesuit grants the user the Acute Senses and Relentless special rules, and counts as having a jetpack.  It grants the user a normal 2+ save.

Command-link drone:  Networked to the drones under his command, the command-link drone allows Shas’o Da’Eldi to better direct the battle.  Any Tau drone units within 18” may use his Leadership for any Morale or Pinning tests.

“Our brave fire warriors are all willing to sacrifice themselves for the Greater Good when it is necessary.  But it does not serve the Greater Good for our warriors to die when their lives might be saved by our technology.  Using our technology in this way does not dishonor our courage; not using it dishonors our intelligence.”
-Shas’o Da’Eldi


Badelaire said...

I totally want to mob this guy with a pile of boys and a PK-swinging nob and watch the fur fly, so to speak.

Not surprisingly though, that should be taken as a compliment.

We need to seriously test-drive this fellow sometime soon.

Darkwing said...

Well, he was designed as a long range suit (hence the railgun), so the hope would be that he stays far away from PK-swinging nobs.

And he's also designed to take out tanks/heavies (again, hence the railgun), which your ork army is generally light on. So the orks aren't really the best enemy to fight.

The Imperial Guard on the other hand...

Nocturus said...

The way you phrase the words "Tau Drone Armies" are you saying something along the lines of him being able to take Drone Squads as Troop choices? That would be quite interesting considering you could use the Heavy Gun Drones, and Heavy Gun Drones with Markerlights mixed in the units somehow.


Darkwing said...

I was wondering if anyone would pick up on the Tau Drone Armies. I've been working on an alternative army list consisting of nothing but drones (except for a Commander). It's not finalized yet, but the basic idea is normal gun drones for Troops, Heavy Gun drones are Heavy Support, etc.

Nocturus said...

Only problem I see is your commander is your only "tank buster." Heavy Gun drones, unless you make some new ones, only have TL'd Burst Cannons.