Monday, April 12, 2010

Crisis Suit Conversion: Part Three

I started work on the arms next, the first being the shield arm. I wanted to both extend the arms, and alter the pose, so I needed to trim off the connector on the left forearm/shield, and make one that would be a socket joint for the ball on the end of the upper arm piece. 
After a lot of test fitting to get the right pose on the model, I glued the parts together.

Next was the right arm--again, in this case I had to trim the Broadside's arm to accommodate it holding the railgun like a rifle rather than the intended underslung method. I also had to greenstuff parts of it to fill in various gaps, and again lengthen the arm. Again more test fitting to ensure the proper pose, and then I glued it together.

And finally, the current state of the body, with legs attached and posed, the additional engines added, as well as the head.

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