Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chaos Daemon Bloodbath

Seeing this post by Ron over at From the Warp got me thinking about this again.

When I saw the Apocalypse Bloodthirster Bloodbath formation, I thought:  That would be an awesome formation to field.  Just imagining the spectacle of 8 Bloodthirsters suddenly appearing on the battlefield, led by Forgeworld's Bloodthirster Ann'ggrath is just fantastic.  While Ann'ggrath is both huge and expensive, I can almost justify getting the centerpiece to my Bloodthirster Bloodbath.  The problem is, I hate the current GW Bloodthirster.

The current one is dated,  expensive...and limited.  I really wish GW came out with a new Bloodthirster model, preferably a plastic one.   If GW made a new model, that looks better than the current one and in plastic with options to provide some variety, I'd have a very hard time resisting picking some up.  The temptation to field a Bloodbath would just be too great.

I dislike the current model enough that I got a fantasy model instead to represent a Bloodthirster, Bel'Akor the Dark Master: 

In the meantime, the closest substitutes for Bloodthirsters are:
  • Soul Grinder - This is something of a stretch, with its Defiler lower half, but the upper half has possibilities.
  • GW Daemon Prince - Also a stretch--the model has a great head & claws, the but the rest of the model is too obviously a Chaos Space Marine to really work as a Bloodthirster in its own right.
  • Forgeworld's Daemon Prince -Great model, and would serve just fine as a Bloodthirster.  Only downside is that it's somewhat expensive, about ~$100.  If he was $50, this would be a no brainer.
All three would need conversion work to give them wings.  But I do like the idea of each Bloodthirster being unique and having its own "personality."  But it looks like I'll have to wait...sigh.


Timbo said...
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Timbo said...

In my opinion, Be'lakor is too small to use as a bloodthirster. He works great as a daemon prince though (and that's what I'm planning on doing). An alternative bloodthirster that I'm thinking about using is the LOTR Balrog.

Darkwing said...

I've thought about the LOTR Balrog, which is a great model, but I'm reluctant to use a model from a different miniatures range.

MattP said...

Personally, I love the current Bloodthirster. Of course, I remember when I dropped the original Bloodthirster on the battlefield and everyone freaked out.

For some reason I also wouldn't feel right about using the Balrog as a Bloodthirster. If you are willing to go outside of GW, you could use the Ultraforge War Daemon or the Heresy Netherlord (especially if you can get the winged one).

Darkwing said...

Actually, I like the original Bloodthirster more than the current one!

But for the same reason I'm reluctant to use the LotR Balrog, I'm reluctant to go outside of GW to look for a Bloodthirster stand-in.