Monday, March 22, 2010

Project Overload

My Miniatures Queue has dipped below the 400 mark, which is a good sign. How long it will stay there, especially now that the new Blood Angels are coming out, is another matter.

The past few weeks have been absolutely insane at work, but (I think), the worst is over, and I can get back to painting miniatures. The problem is, I've got tons of different things to work on.

  • Space Marines...including Raven Guard, Brazen Claw, Salamanders, and eventually some Blood Angels.
  • Orks...lots of 'em! Mainly a few Deff Koptas and some infantry.
  • Ork Mystery Project
  • Tau Crisis Suit Conversion
  • Complete my LotR Orc Army (I'm very close...)

I think the key to finishing this is to work on whatever project I feel like, switching between them as the notion strikes me. If instead I just line them all up and try to power through them, I'll just get bogged down and start to lose enthusiasm. By not giving myself a specific deadline and working on whatever miniature interests me at the time will ensure that I'll get it all done eventually, and have fun doing it.


suneokun said...

That's my approach exactly ... pick and choose your painting partner for the evening ... also swap mid paint job and have lots of half painted models hanging around. Then once you've reach 'optimum half-paintedness' you can finish 43 models in one night.

Alternatively ... you could take some tips from my friend Ant ... he paints biblically well, very fast (ex GW staff) ... check out his race against the clock here:

Cawshis Clay said...

It's a great approach. Though I tend to try and get done with big chunks (1k points or so at a time) and then take breathers in between.

Of course, sometimes my "breathers" last for months! Good luck! If you want my vote...finish that LoTR Orc force! You're nearly there anyways and it'd be nice to check off that box early!

Warhammer39999 said...

Egads, putting a number to the amount of unpainted models seems counter-productive, as it would just discourage me... and I don't have 400 unpainted models (at least I hope I don't).

Keep it up though, it'll be worth it in the end. :)

By the way, you have a tally of painting queues on your front page here--is that dynamically driven from somewhere else, or do you have to manually key that in? Seems like a pretty cool feature to display in a blog...