Sunday, February 28, 2010

Working on a lot of different things at once...

I haven't had that much time to paint recently (usually on the weekends), but I've managed to finish a few sundry miniatures. To keep things fresh I've been working on a variety of miniatures.

First is my first Salamander ever. I think he came out pretty decently. And after enough bad experiences with trying to get decals on curved shoulder pads, I was resigned to freehanding the chapter symbol, which came out pretty well I think.

Next is a pair of Middle-Earth Rangers.

And then a selection of three marines from three different chapters: Brazen Claw, Salamander, and Raven Guard.

Next is my first Deffkopta. Boy, do those things have a lot of details! Anyway, after painting this one up, I've decided that my Deffkopta Skwadron will be known as the "Tusky Airboyz".

And finally, some Middle-Earth Orc Black Guard. They'll form part of the command group for my Orc Army, which is rapidly nearing completion.


Nocturus said...

I always love seeing your different models put on display, but I'm wondering if you plan on doing any battle reports for your LoTR models and what not? Once again, always fun to see and great work!

Darkwing said...

Yes, time permitting. :)

Superlegend International said...

I think your Salamander is looking really nice. I've got a Salamanders army myself :)
"Into the fires of battle, unto the anvil of war!"

Badelaire said...

Salamanders, eh? So this is what...marine army number 5, after Brazens, Raven Guard, Ultras, and Blood Angels?

A "crusader force" might not be a bad idea after all.