Saturday, September 5, 2009

Command Vehicle Chimera Conversion, Part 8

Rivets rivets rivets! This time I put in a lot of little details. Rivets all over the place, some reactive armor plates on the turret, handles on the maintenance panels on the tracks, packs etc., all over the place.
I was having problems with the turret (mainly the missile rack in locked position) banging into the top of the driver's hatch when I traversed it. Therefore I had to have driver's hatch hinge with a low footprint--and I finally figured it out--one pin coming out the side connecting it to the rest of the hull, and a small hinge sticking out the left side of the hatch. and I forgot to take a picture with the hatch open, but I'll rectify that later.
I had to do a bit of surgery on the missile rack, as despite my best efforts, in the locked position it was just too low, and banging into things all over the place when I traversed the turret. So I added a shim to raise it up a bit (you can see the white plasticard shim I at the attachment point of the mount to the turret). Now it clears the driver's hatch just fine.
Aside from some very minor tweaking, I'm about ready to paint this up!


Mordian7th said...

That is a sweet conversion - I've been following the project with interest for a while now!

I especially like the side panel details, how you mounted the side armor subtly alters the whole profile of the vehicle, and it looks very cool. Great work on the missile rack as well!

I'm not 100% sold on the grillwork on the front of the tank, they seem over-large for vision blocks to me - unless I'm misunderstanding their intent.

I'll bet it'll look great once it's painted up! Keep up the great work!

Techpriest said...

This is such an epic conversion. I await its completion with bated breath!

ludoredguard said...

very good
j'ai h√Ęte de le voir fini

Col. Corbane said...

Excellent conversion mate, can't wait to see it painted.

I'm also quite envious of your bits box.

Darkwing said...

Thanks all!

@Mordian7th: The grillwork isn't supposed to be vision slits. I *think* that they're ventilation for the engine. Here's a picture of their inspiration: