Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chimera Command Vehicle Conversion: Completed

Well, here's the completed command vehicle. The vehicle number is 66, denoting the Battalion Commander.
On the front, the spade is the brigade symbol, while the 1-5 denotes 1st Combined Arms Battalion, 5th Infantry Regiment.

Some shots with the Missile Rack deployed:

With the rear hatch down:
This picture has the driver's hatch open, exposing the driver.
And finally here's the Battalion HQ section, deployed for battle.


Spanky said...

Very nice. I love the missle launcher rack.

ludoredguard said...

super sympa ; on voit l'inspiration du M3 bradley

usmctemplar said...

Man, that looks great. For future refrence, Marine vehicle crews typically wear solid tan or green overalls and their comm helmets are solid green. But on the other hand, they don't drive Bradley's and shoot las guns either, so it isn't a big deal.

Darkwing said...

Thanks, all.

@usmctemplar: Thanks, and yeah, I knew that, but I was just on a "I want everyone in the same camo" kick. Here's my question: Why do they wear the coveralls/have the solid green helmets? If I would have to guess, the coveralls are just like those of a mechanic, in that they're "working clothes" that you expect to get oil/grease/crud all over. The green helmets I would guess is because the cloth camo helmet cover won't fit over the all the commo gear sticking out the ears, etc.

Klaus said...

Wow, this little bugger turned out quite nice.
Reminds me of our old M551 Command APC's with some extra punch.
I really love the details.

Mordian7th said...

That looks simply awesome. I totally get where you were going with the grills on the front, and as I suspected, it looks brilliant all painted up. Well done!

usmctemplar said...

You hit the nail on the head. They just don't make helmet covers that fit over the comm helmets and they just happen to be painted OD green. You got it right for as to why they wear the cvc (combat vehicle crewman) coveralls as well. They also have smaller flak vests for added mobility. The Corps is a bit cheap in that they dropped all of this money into developing MARPAT and then they give us solid colored vests to wear over it. The Army has ACUPAT every thing now. As I said, I wouldn't worry overmuch about it as you aren't going for a 100% accurate representation of the modern USMC, just using the camo as an inspiration for your Guard (which look amazing.)

Admiral Drax said...

Oh boy, that's simply grand!

And usmctemplar: You should try the British forces - it's a miracle we're not still fighting in red serge and pith helmets!

Darkwing said...

@usmctemplar: I figured that the coyote tan vests were that color because 1. they were cheap, and 2. because they go sort of well with both the woodland and desert versions of the MARPAT.

@Drax: thanks! And you mean you guys don't still wear pith helmets? :)

oni said...

That is awesome. Very nicely done.