Friday, August 7, 2009

Painter's Block

So here's my officer dude, destined to be my commander. Problem is, I'm not sure how to paint him. I know that I want to him to wear woodland MARPAT like the rest of the guys in the command squad, but there is the problem of his cloak... It looks really nice, and but has ornate clasps, etc., suggesting a dress uniform of sorts. Painting it the same colors of the camo would turn it into a drab model, I'd think--just a blob of camo colors. But at the same time, I don't want to paint it bright red or anything--after all, he's a commander in the field and probably wouldn't dress in "shoot me" colors, and since the rest of him will be in camo colors, I don't want to paint him in colors that would clash horribly, making the model look terrible. So far the only colors I can think to make it are either black or coyote tan (desert yellow darkened with devlan mud). Any ideas?


73rd said...

Where did you pick this model up from it's great! Is it GW and I'm just missing something?

The tan colour seems like a decent idea for the cloak, although if I may throw in my 2 pennies... I was thinking how nice a very deep navy blue would look, with golden/light brown trim for the decorated areas you mentioned. It gives the appearance of an Officer, with all the practicalities of being a dark concealent for extra cover.

It would make a nice contrast to the camo scheme, but without being too bright to attract snipers.

Darkwing said...

The model is from the Forgeworld Cadian Command HQ Squad. I took the picture from the FW website as the actual model I have is already primed black, and thus wouldn't photograph as well.

Admiral Drax said...

Maybe it be viable to invert the option: as if he's in a slightly more dressy uniform, but his ornate sash and clasp is in fact holding a practical MARPAT cloak (taylored, naturally).

Otherwise 73rd's idea is good.

I have this model too - it's blinding!

If memory serves me, one blogger is using one as a Master of Ordnance (or maybe as a Fleet Officer...).

suneokun said...

I'd go with two of the marpat colours (which are all quite similar) for his general clothing. This would then need highlighting with an 'ornate' colour for the sash or dress uniform feature (I have purple, which goes very well against the blue/grey uniform) and some 'dressy' highlights.

Model him as if he's actually attending a PDF commander's ball when all hells broken loose. The 'dress' colour I'd recommend would be a rich green - this would contrast nicely against the marpat etc.

That's the only problem with marpat - it tends to make details dissapear - which is sorta the point!

Hudson said...

I like the idea of making the underlying uniform something dress and the cloak MARPAT.

"Higgins, fetch my cloak, we're going to the field"

"Yessir, Colonel"

Col. Corbane said...

I'm with the rest on this, make the cloak "top end" camo and the uniform underneath as dress uniform.

Big D said...

That model is sick. I agree, camo the cloak and do dress uniform underneath. It is such an awesome model you would want him to sand out.

Badelaire said...

I'll also put in the vote for a camo cloak and a dress uniform, with the uni being some sort of distinct, but muted, solid color scheme - a dark green with highlighted trim, or a dark blue, etc..

Think something like what a Marine or Army dress uniform looks like, with dark solid colors but still definitely not camouflage. Then add a little "flair" to make it stand out (I know your uniform preferences, but this IS Warhammer 40K, after all...).

Darkwing said...

Thanks for the ideas, guys. The nominal dress uniform for the regiment is black with bright red trim, so I may go with that.

I do like the idea of the camo cloak over the dress (or undress) uniform.

Lach said...

Yes, I too like the idea of the Dress uniform with a camo cloak. Think of Gaunt on the cover of the Gaunts Ghosts Omnibus, its him with a tanth stealth cloak and his blue commisars uniform underneath.

Schnitzel said...

Marine Corps Dress Blue variant. Perfect.