Monday, August 10, 2009

Imperial Guard Colonel

Thanks for the comments on my Painter's Block post, everyone. I decided to go with the semi-dress uniform, with the camouflage cloak. I think the result is pretty good, and the red doesn't clash too much with the camouflage.
One thing I've noticed in painting this guy up is that when I took photos of the model, various flaws in my paintjob that were not very apparent in looking at the model show up very well in the photographs! As a result I may have to go back and touch up his face a bit, as in the photos it looks very splotchy. There's also a few other flaws I noticed that may require some touchup. But as of now I think he's ready to lead his men into battle.

Taking a cue from Admiral Drax's self build, I decided to put some unit insignia on the otherwise drab left shoulder pad. In the middle is the regiment's heraldry--a black dragon symbol, while the numbers mean 1st Battalion, 5th Infantry.


73rd said...

He looks fantastic! I'm glad you decided to take the camo route. I'm not sure if you noticed but it gives him a new appeal; that of knowing his position in the Guard with the vibrant red, but also letting his soldiers know that he's not afraid to get his hands dirty with the camo! Great work

Tristan said...

He looks great! The dress uniform + camo cloak is a winning combo!

Ubberdorc said...

All your stuff looks really good!

I just posted some pics with my urban camo see what you think and give me some input if you don't mind. 8)

Col. Corbane said...

Considering you had a painting block on this guy, he's turned out really well.

Admiral Drax said...

Ah, that's simply blinding, mate!

And I'm with you on the phots-bring-out-too-much-detail problem. Sheesh!

But that is a striking colonel, if ever I saw one!

Nice one.

Admiral Drax said...

Oh, and that insignia is brilliantly subtle!