Monday, August 3, 2009

Help me name my Guardsman Marbo!

Now that my version of Guardsman Marbo is completed, I need a name for him. I've come up with a list of names--if they seem a little weird, that's because there's a reason for them. Extra points for figuring out what the reason is. Vote for your favorite in the poll at right.
  • Don "Gus" Hrothgar
  • "Dragon" Rushgoth
  • Gus "Dragon" Horth
  • Gus H. "Dragon" Thor
  • Ash "Gundog" Thorr
  • H.G. "Tornado" Grush
  • "Roughshod" Grant
Other name suggestions are welcome, but they have to fit my criteria (which you have to figure out for yourself)


Admiral Drax said...

Christ knows what you're driving at, but my suggestion would include:

"Ghost" or "Hard Gun";

If that's too eighties-action-film for you, you might prefer the more comical version: change 'gun' to 'gnu'.

Darkwing said...

"Ghost" would work as an element of the name. Don't want to say any more though...yet.

CT said...

Well, It's an anagram but I have no idea what the original word(s) could have been.

Grant Roughshod
"Gung Ho" Darts Rho
"Ghost" Rah Dugnor

And my personal favorite from Trash Groundhog

Mik said...

Trash Groundhog is my pick! If I had to go from the list however, the last one, "Roughshod" Grant is pretty cool too...

Col. Corbane said...

"Roughshod" Grant, he looks like a Grant to me.

Nassir said...

I agree with Col. Corbane. "Roughshod" Grant sounds pretty awesome.